The First Sunday of the Year

Our friends singing, the locals.

Today marks the first sunday of the year! I wrote something because I want it special. Many things are happening around the world, things are changing, people sometimes changed even the circumstances and way of life changed. But our Creator never changed, He is always the same yesterday, today and forever.

Way of life changed like the Peters family I’ve read a while ago in the Yahoo news. Her husband died not knowing that he won a $10M in the lottery, leaving his family this much amount without knowing it. This man is 79-year-old, a retired hat factory worker, and he suffered a fatal heart attack while working in his yard in Danbury.
Without knowing it he won that big amount of money leaving for his widow, the children and grandchildren. Even the widowed wife is not sure of what she is going to do with her money at the moment.

I mean, what life on earth for? Are we made for a purpose? For me, it’s better to prepare now – to know where are you going? Is there a life after our life ends? Hope you will ponder upon it and search for it. For us, life is not complete without our Creator and Redeemer! We always hold on to our anchor!

A Blessed New Year to all!!!

The Last Day of the Year 2008

My friend is so cute

We’re having fun while watching the firecrackers and fireworks waiting for the year to end…

What’s happening???

Last night, the last day of the year, we went to a friend’s house and joined some Filipinos in celebrating the New Year! We really had fun and we went outside near the main road to see the different sounds Thai people are doing.

At first, we thought it’s just normal for them, because we only heard few sounds like the sound of firecrackers made by children. But when it’s about 12 midnight, we heard a lot of noise everywhere, and a lot of people are passing and going back and forth. We just enjoy the sounds and made fun of it.

The next few minutes we went back to the house and my sweetie led our sharing time, recalling God’s faithfulness all throughout the year. Some shared a few minutes but others spend sometime sharing because of God’s faithfulness and lovingkindness to all of us. We thank the Lord for all His blessings showered upon us. Then we prayed together with a BLESS Prayer.

BLESS means…

B – ountiful Blessings to everyone for the year 2009
L – ove and unity for the family, friends and loved ones
E – ndurance to move on
S – uccess for the year ahead
S – alvation of the lost

May this be your prayer too for your family, friends and beyond.


Christmas Celebration

Last christmas we attended a christmas celebration in one of the schools here in Hatyai. It was so amazing. When we first came, our boys were quite shy of going around and looking for different stalls and games. We could see parents and students coming back and forth making themselves busy. Then after awhile, our friend came and introduced the boys to different games with amazing taste of food. Then they started to roam around with their Papa and started enjoying some games.

We went back home and rested for an hour and went back to the school and spend the whole night there until 10pm. The boys really enjoyed that night and wished to come back next year, huh!

Only this time that the boys enjoyed christmas since we came. Big prizes were at stake by just buying a ticket worth 10 baht. Many went home with big prizes like refrigerator, computer, washing machine, bikes, and other stuff. It’s really fun!


Homeschooling is an amazing thing that happened to some kids anywhere. A school that spend more time at home with the supervision of parents. Others would say that it’s good but not for some especially if the parents had a hard time doing it.

For us here in another country, we have no choice! International Schools are quite expensive. So we choose to get the homeschooling program for our amazing sons because it came from our own beloved country and we have undergone a training before our kids started the program.

Today marks the first day of homeschool for our kids. AJ, the youngest who’s 5 yrs. old, was so excited when their materials came last Thursday and of course excited to start right away! Huh!Em2, the eldest who’s 13, wasn’t excited at all because for him homeschooling is boring and no classmates around only the mother. Maybe he’s bored of looking at his mom always…

Anyway, they had started and everything was fine, except that they started late ‘coz they love to sleep due to heavy rain since last night until early morning. AJ loved to learn but I was amazed when AJ was crying and was telling me “I don’t want to write anymore, then I knew when I checked the clock that it was already 1 pm. So I told them to rest for a while so that I can prepare their lunch.

Then we resume at 2 pm, AJ had finished his activity first before Em2, of course, Em2 is learning more this time and more time to spend. Another day for tomorrow, I’m excited!!!

Birthday Party

Yesterday was the busiest day for us as a family because it was my sweetie’s natal day. We just don’t mind at first but when we receive a blessing we decided to bless others too. We called up some of our friends and invited them to join with us in our house for a little party. We had a little fun talking with them and they stayed until 10:45pm.

Sometimes we just take for granted our birthday especially if we are growing old. However, it’s also a time to give thanks to the “Giver of Life”, right? As we grow older we could see how faithful He was and He is to us as His creation.

Hope that we would always give thanks to the “Giver of Life”, the Master Planner of our universe and our lives! More so as we celebrate this coming New Year! A blessed New Year to all!

Thank You Lord for everything!

Our Noche Buena

We often celebrate Noche Buena in the Phil. My father would usually wake us up in the middle of the night around 11:30pm on the 24th of Dec. just to eat a great food prepared for us or to make a great sound or see the beauty of the skies. Sometimes though we play hide and seek and other games just for fun. That happened when we were still young.

However, here in Thailand, it’s really very different. We tried to enjoy but it’s a natural day for most Thais. School have classes, and offices are open.

Before christmas came, our kids were asking especially our teenager some questions about noche buena and what we’re going to do on that day – we shared to him our experiences in the past yet, it’s really different on what they experienced now. But we always told them about the birth of Jesus and how Jesus came and saved mankind.

On that day, around 7pm we went out to eat our dinner and passed by a Filipino fellowship just to feel the spirit of Christmas! We had some fun with them too, but not for kids, only for adults, huh! So our kids didn’t enjoy that much!

Then at 11:30pm we ate our little noche buena and before we slept, we read the Holy Bible and have a short meditation then we prayed and thank God for Jesus.
Thank you God for your love!

My teenager

The past few weeks I had a lot of struggles regarding my son who is becoming a teenager. It seems that his attitude is becoming different day after day. I do believe, during this stage a father’s image and guidance are very necessary in their growing up stage. And I thank God for fathers who are really needed for the training of children and that includes my beloved sweetie.

I always remember our human father when we were still small. He would always remind us of these verses in the Holy Book that says: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will depart from it. It is really true, if we fail to train our child, their future will not be as better as we expect. Another verse was: Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. These verses were just taken for granted by some but has a greater meaning if we only obey…

I believe, parents now a days would really agree to the different personalities of our children. Every stage needs a deeper understanding of who they really are and how we react as parents to different situations or characteristics they are showing and many times they were trapped by these new generation’s images…they would easily linked if we are not careful as parents to guide them in the ways of the Lord.

However, there are a lot of sites like or other reading materials about growing kids but the best thing for me is to trust the Lord and PRAY earnestly for our kids. Only God can change them…Need I say more?