Yummy Sunday # 6

It’s Yummy Sunday again. It’s nice to be here every Sunday. This is my post for this week. We’ve got a card at Pizza Company and we bought this pizza because it’s buy 1 get 1. We already ate the buy 1 and this plate which is left is the take 1. Lol!

Promotions are very common here in Thailand. So if there’s an opportunity we easily grab it.

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Yummy Sunday # 5

Last Sunday I shared some pictures taken when we made “Ratna” – one of my favorites and delicious Thai food. Here are the ingredients:

1. carrots – cut into small pieces
2. cauliflower – cut it smaller (any style you want)
3. pechay leaves – cut in smaller size
4. noodles – bigger size mixed with black sauce
then fry with garlic for 3 minutes and set aside
5. ingredients to make a soup
– water (3 cups) if many add more water
– flour mixed with water
– knor chicken cubes
– light soy sauce
– chicken fellet( I suggest the shredded one )
– soybean sauce
– salt to taste

Prepare vinegar with chilli in a small bowl to make a sauce and it makes more delicious.

How to cook:

1. Boil the water, then add chicken, carrots, cauliflower and
let it keep boiling (maybe around 2 minutes)
2. Then add pechay leaves and mixed
3. Add the fried noodles then put all the remaining ingredients
4. Then add salt to taste … and that’s it!

According to my Thai friends, Thai food is easy to prepare and easy to cook too.
Hope you enjoy cooking Thai food.

Don’t forget the sauce. It’s really delicious.

The Sauce

Let me know if you have tried it. Blessings to you all. Have a blessed Sunday!


Yummy Sunday # 4

We started our English Camp this week so I don’t have enough time to blog. But I’m still awaiting this time to share because it’s Sunday.

This week I had asked my Thai friend to make my favorite Thai food “Ratna” and I saw how she made it. I will try to write the recipe next time. I will show you how she made it. Quite easy and interesting.

The Sauce

Thai food are very delicious because of their tasty sauce.
I will try to make a recipe next time and you can try it.


Yummy Sunday #3

Last Sunday I shared on how to make “Tom Yam” and hope you had already tried it.
This Sunday, I’ll be sharing another Thai food, it is known as “Neung Pla Manao” (Neung means 1, Pla means fish, and manao means lemon). I think you will love it!

You need to prepare the following:
1. 1 big fish = clean and cut in between (please don’t cut the fish in half)
2. lemon = squeeze to make a juice
3. chili = chopped or cut into smaller ones
4. lemon grass = cut the same size as chili
5. garlic = cut the same size as chili and lemon grass

What to do:
1. Make a juice out of lemon
2. combine with chili, garlic and lemon grass that you had cut
3. Then place all the combined ingredients to the fish you had prepared and steam for 30 minutes (or you can use microwave)
4. Be sure to have a remaining sauce if done and that’s it! You’re done!

It looks like this:

You need to make a sauce that looks like this to make it palatable and delicious.

Now the fish is ready to take off! lol, This is done. It’s ready to eat. My Yummy Sunday for this week!

I would like to thank Janet for this avenue to share my skill in cooking.


Our Yummy Sunday #2

Since we came to Thailand we love to invite friends and dine with us. It’s quite a different feeling when friends get together. And I love to cook especially Filipino and Thai dishes.
Our friends who came

Today we invited Filipino friends and I prepared some dishes for all of us to enjoy. I cooked “Tom Yam” the most common Thai dish with shrimps and squid. Maybe you wanted to cook, huh! I am giving you some tips and ingredients on how to make one. You can try if you want your hubby and your kids to enjoy and try a Thai dish and they will learn to love you more. Because I believe in the saying “the way to a man’s heart is in his stomach.” Hope you like it.

Here’s what you need:

1. Thai Tom Yam paste or tom yam knor cubes
2. Lemon grass
3. lime or kalamansi juice
4. lime leaves, kalamansi leaves, or tamarind (sour not the sweet one) or young mango (sour)
5. shrimp, squid or fish
6. i’m not sure of the name but it’s like ginger but it’s white (sorry -not sure if you there in your country)
7. one big onion

Here’s how:

1. Boil the water in the pot, then add tom yam knor cubes or Tom ka paste
2. Put the shrimps or squid (or you can put it together whatever taste you like) then add onion
3. Let it keep boiling, then add all the remaining ingredients one after the other except the leaves
4. Be sure to add the leaves when you’re almost done
5. You can add a little of light sauce and salt to taste.

That’s all, and you’re done! Try it and share it with me if you have done it.

Another recipe next week!


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Yummy Sunday #1

Every Sunday we usually attend Thai services. We find it more interesting although we could not fully understand the language. For us it’s more fantastic and our sons wanted to go there every Sunday.

For a couple of weeks, I’d been craving for a Thai food, they call “Ratna.” When we went to the church I was so glad because they prepared the food I was craving the past weeks.

It’s their custom to prepare food on Sundays, then right after the service, everyone will join the group for lunch. Thai food are really great and spicy of course but tastes good. You will really amazed how they cook with all the spices!