To be Good Leaders

Last Tuesday was AJ’s 6th birthday. I had a phone call from my brother because a day before I was asking him some help. Then I told him that it’s AJ’s birthday. Then he immediately told me about Obama’s inauguration. Then I recalled what I had promised a month ago that during Obama’s inauguration I will join with others to pray for the new U.S.President. That I will say a prayer for him for God’s wisdom and direction as he leads the country.

After the call, I immediately say a prayer for peace and for the newly elected President to lead the country well and to be a good leader. It would be helpful if all believers will whisper a prayer to our leaders instead of saying words that will not edify.

Our leaders need us, to pray and intercede on their behalf that as they lead their own country the Lord will direct their steps. Hope we would always remember our leaders on this regard.

AJ’s 6th Birthday

AJ while waiting for his friends to come…
His birthday cakes. We’re surprised that two of our friends brought a cake for AJ.

His friends…

The blowing of 6 candles…

The food prepared..

Life is a gift from God. And for me, a birthday is something to be treasured. Today, our son AJ turns 6. He was so excited a week past and naming all his friends expecting them to come and surprise him. I was asking him if we will just eat outside just like McDonald’s or other known places in Hatyai but still insisting that he wanted his friends to come and visit him on his birthday.

When he woke up this morning, he was so happy telling and asking me just to make sure, “Mama, today is my birthday? And he continues; “Look at my face, and my muscles too, it’s big now”. He’s so excited to be a man, oh boy! He’s just 6, lol!

Anyway, our friends came especially our neighbors before and other friends. AJ was so excited seeing their special friends. And of course, as a child, having gifts make him happy, was so happy with a sweet smile receiving gifts from friends.

Teachers Day

Teachers’ Day in Thai language My two great kids with me……
Early morning we attended a teachers’ day celebration here in Hatyai, Thailand. We need to be present because we are required to do so, and we had seen how they give honor to all Thai teachers, giving them gifts and more. However, I felt bored because we (me and my hubby) don’t understand their language. Yet their action speaks. Teachers are really given importance by the authorities especially in the government.

Right after the ceremony we went home and prepared for a sports’ fest. Can you imagine teachers having different squads and dancing while shouting their yells? They look like students with their attire, playing drums and other paraphernalia for their songs and yells. I really love taking photos while they perform. It doesn’t matter whether we understand the language or not but the thing is, they are cute and they perform with gusto.

Can you imagine the teachers performing with gusto? They are cute. Games for teachers to enjoy

Even our kids enjoy while watching teachers playing a lot of games. I was supposed to join in the eating contest which is so different from ours in the Phil. but I wasn’t able to join because my students are coming to the center and they wanted to finish the course. So I don’t have any choice.

Anyway, I’d been there seeing all the teachers in their different-fabulous attire, and playing just like teenagers…lol, it’s fun and we enjoy.

It’s a great day!

Sunday Affair

Last Sunday we attended a Thai church. It’s so amazing how they speak in another language while doing their worship. Although it’s hard for us to understand but there is a feeling of comfort and belongingness on our part.

We’ve been to different fellowship but our son would always tell us that he likes that place better and wants to go back. It’s really different in the Phil. because after their fellowship, there would always be lunch prepared for everyone. It’s nice right? Our lunch is always free on Sundays…lol!

Anyway, Thais are friendly, they would always give you a smile.

Children’s Day

This Children’s Day Celebration Today is children’s day in Thailand. The children are busy and excited to join the games prepared for them. Even parents are looking forward for this day. It is celebrated every first saturday of January. Malls have their own preparations for kids to enjoy especially the giving gifts. Universities, colleges, and other schools are also open for children to join the said event. It’s nice to have this kind of activity wherein children were given a chance to participate, enjoy, and receive gifts.

For more than 3 years now that our kids joined this awaited event. Parents are enjoying as well, so do we, seeing our kids having lots of gifts and games to enjoy as well. Children went to different places and receive different gifts, enjoy the food and games prepared for each group or organization. It’s fun. We don’t have like this in the Phil. AJ joined the painting contest
He also participated in Robotics control And take a pose
And another pause with the persons’ in charge.
People are busy coming back and forth, everybody I think is involved especially those who are working in the government offices, schools and universities, and even malls, department stores and the like. They joined together for this said event and share what they have for the children.

Homeschool resumes

Last Monday, the homeschooling program of the kids resumed. Back to normal again for quite sometime because of so many activities last month. It seems that it was just yesterday and here comes another year.

The kids are not quite excited anymore of the homeschool because for them especially for my teenager, it’s boring. However, he needs to finish and do his homeschool for a better tomorrow.

My preschooler, AJ, loves to do it still as long as kuya is there with him. At least they have a little of fight because ‘boys are really boys’. AJ has a lot of questions but Em2 (my teenager) has few words unless I will ask him of his crush.

Homeschooling is something to remember but not quite interesting especially if there are only few kids learning together. Yet if you give more time to it you will learn a lot!

The New Year Started

It seems that New Year has just began but the memories of having parties are still fresh. The start of the year, is indeed a blessing from the Lord and keeps on going and moving forward to another step of life. Another opportunity to make things right and doing something for the kingdom.

This week we had the opportunity to teach and mingle with our students again. Its also a time to share the experience we have had last year and to encourage them to keep on learning. It’s indeed a privilege.

Hope this year will be a blessed year to everyone. Though sometimes we may fail, fall and discouraged. Let’s keep on moving in reaching our goal for we know that He who promised is Faithful…