The First Sunday of the Year

Our friends singing, the locals.

Today marks the first sunday of the year! I wrote something because I want it special. Many things are happening around the world, things are changing, people sometimes changed even the circumstances and way of life changed. But our Creator never changed, He is always the same yesterday, today and forever.

Way of life changed like the Peters family I’ve read a while ago in the Yahoo news. Her husband died not knowing that he won a $10M in the lottery, leaving his family this much amount without knowing it. This man is 79-year-old, a retired hat factory worker, and he suffered a fatal heart attack while working in his yard in Danbury.
Without knowing it he won that big amount of money leaving for his widow, the children and grandchildren. Even the widowed wife is not sure of what she is going to do with her money at the moment.

I mean, what life on earth for? Are we made for a purpose? For me, it’s better to prepare now – to know where are you going? Is there a life after our life ends? Hope you will ponder upon it and search for it. For us, life is not complete without our Creator and Redeemer! We always hold on to our anchor!

A Blessed New Year to all!!!