What a Mighty God

I serve a mighty and powerful God. We are blessed with a grateful heart. I’m blessed with a gift of singing and I’m thankful. I used it for God’s glory and honor alone.

When I’m tired, I will sing. When I feel discouraged, I immediately go back to the Lord and sing, thanking Him for the gift of life.

I’m serving a true and loving God and I will not be afraid. I will declare His greatness and no one can fathom. Thank you Lord.

I Can Sing Again

The Lord has blessed me with talents and one of which is singing. I find it hard before to sing but now He gave an opportunity to sing for Him again.

What a blessed opportunity to be used for God’s glory. He deserves everything, our adoration and praise with thanksgiving. He is to be feared above all.

Just recently, I sang in a service. I love the song entitled “The Day He Wore My Crown”. A beautiful song for the Lord indeed!

The Season of Grief is Over

Few days ago we celebrated the season of grieving. When I remember the death of Jesus on the cross for my sins and transgressions I grieve but I immediately praise Him because He saved me and deliver me from eternal death. Through believing and accepting Him as my Savior and Lord through the power of the cross I am saved. Thank you for the cross Lord. Thank you for the price you paid on the cross.

I am blessed because I have Jesus! He is my redeemer and rescuer. I cannot live without Jesus! My grief is gone! I’m free from the bondage of sin! My family is freed from the power of darkness and sin. Jesus is the way! Trust Him today!