Our Yummy Sunday #2

Since we came to Thailand we love to invite friends and dine with us. It’s quite a different feeling when friends get together. And I love to cook especially Filipino and Thai dishes.
Our friends who came

Today we invited Filipino friends and I prepared some dishes for all of us to enjoy. I cooked “Tom Yam” the most common Thai dish with shrimps and squid. Maybe you wanted to cook, huh! I am giving you some tips and ingredients on how to make one. You can try if you want your hubby and your kids to enjoy and try a Thai dish and they will learn to love you more. Because I believe in the saying “the way to a man’s heart is in his stomach.” Hope you like it.

Here’s what you need:

1. Thai Tom Yam paste or tom yam knor cubes
2. Lemon grass
3. lime or kalamansi juice
4. lime leaves, kalamansi leaves, or tamarind (sour not the sweet one) or young mango (sour)
5. shrimp, squid or fish
6. i’m not sure of the name but it’s like ginger but it’s white (sorry -not sure if you there in your country)
7. one big onion

Here’s how:

1. Boil the water in the pot, then add tom yam knor cubes or Tom ka paste
2. Put the shrimps or squid (or you can put it together whatever taste you like) then add onion
3. Let it keep boiling, then add all the remaining ingredients one after the other except the leaves
4. Be sure to add the leaves when you’re almost done
5. You can add a little of light sauce and salt to taste.

That’s all, and you’re done! Try it and share it with me if you have done it.

Another recipe next week!


The Last Day of the Year 2008

My friend is so cute

We’re having fun while watching the firecrackers and fireworks waiting for the year to end…

What’s happening???

Last night, the last day of the year, we went to a friend’s house and joined some Filipinos in celebrating the New Year! We really had fun and we went outside near the main road to see the different sounds Thai people are doing.

At first, we thought it’s just normal for them, because we only heard few sounds like the sound of firecrackers made by children. But when it’s about 12 midnight, we heard a lot of noise everywhere, and a lot of people are passing and going back and forth. We just enjoy the sounds and made fun of it.

The next few minutes we went back to the house and my sweetie led our sharing time, recalling God’s faithfulness all throughout the year. Some shared a few minutes but others spend sometime sharing because of God’s faithfulness and lovingkindness to all of us. We thank the Lord for all His blessings showered upon us. Then we prayed together with a BLESS Prayer.

BLESS means…

B – ountiful Blessings to everyone for the year 2009
L – ove and unity for the family, friends and loved ones
E – ndurance to move on
S – uccess for the year ahead
S – alvation of the lost

May this be your prayer too for your family, friends and beyond.