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Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Blessing!

A blessing is something that we received. This is one example of a blessing that our son received before graduation next week. We are blessed seeing him excel. We thank GOD for all the blessings flow. Thank you Lord for the love, compassion and guidance he showered upon me and my family. Amidst the storms of life, we were able to survive and receive HIS blessings again and again. God is a great God who knows when and where to encourage and lift us up.

As our son is preparing for another chapter of his life, I pray that he will not depart from the Lord and the learning he got from parents and the experiences he has has in the past will lead him to a life full of blessings asking the Lord to guide him along the way. God is always good and faithful.


Friday, January 20, 2017

Birthday Bash for my Dear AJ

Asher Josh known as AJ is my second child. He was born 14 years ago and now he is growing fast. When he was still small he used to smile and enjoy what he is doing. When he was in elementary he used to lead the group especially his classmates since he can tell them on what to do. As the years passed by, changes happened, he is not that happy anymore and that puzzles me as a mother. The AJ that is enjoying every step of the way is now a teenager but seldom smiling. He is always conscious of surroundings and doesn't smile anymore. Is that the way teenagers manage themselves? Anyway, that's my precious child, he is precious to us as his family. Hubby and I are grateful to have him. We are always thankful to God for all the blessings He showered upon us and that includes our sons who had been a blessing to all of us. They are precious gifts.


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our 23rd Wedding Anniversary

Amidst storms and hassles of life it may bring to our lives, the Lord is always reminding us to be faithful and to hold on! That's the lesson I have learned for 23 long years of marriage. Life is tough, many times I found myself crying and asking God to help me to be strong. God is always faithful and true to all His promises! Great is His faithfulness and it is renewed every morning.

Thank you Lord God Almighty, You reign forevermore! I could not stop rejoicing and thanking God for all the blessings flow and received for many years of existence here on earth. God is a great God and He is to be feared above all. I could still remember when we first met and I didn't bother to mingle or talk to him, the person who changed my life after knowing him. I was known as the super duper "LAON" I didn't join in any conversation and very strict in choosing men to be my friends.

However, after knowing him I was touched by his ways, so caring, we're happy together and became friends. He did all things just to get my attention> He really changed my heart and ultimately my life. He is a kind of person who would really do something to please you and that's what ladies were looking for. Ladies could be easily attracted to him because of his sweet ways and a caring attitude. I could attest to many of them. Nevertheless, one thing for sure... Holding on and continue loving your husband. A friend gave me this message just this morning, 3 points of encouragement: Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up! It's something that I should always remember, not to give up to our marriage relationship. There are so many ups and downs but even GOD did not give up on us and continued to reach out to us and gave us many chances just to go back to HIM and trust HIM as our LORD and Saviour!


Sunday, October 30, 2016

All Saint's Day... A Celebration or an Occasion?

All Saints’ Day is a festival here in the Philippines, a celebration for all the saints especially the family members that passed away. This kind of celebration may vary from one place to another, however, the thought is still the same, to remember our family members and friends. Other countries have this kind of celebration usually on the 1st day of November and it continued to the next day for all Filipinos which is known as the All Soul’s Day.
People prepared and brought flowers and light the candles they brought to the cemetery which is the common practice during this occasion. Other countries have the same tradition, they did the same celebration like what Filipinos do. As what we have noticed, in Thailand they do not celebrate this kind of festivity unlike other Asian countries that celebrate the same. Here in the Philippines, people do the cleaning in the cemetery while visiting their relatives or family members that passed away.
All Saints’ Day also celebrated by France people on the 1st day of November. People usually come to church services while praying for the dead. People from all over the country gather and visit the grave of their deceased relatives and clean the area and light the candles as well. The next day people will continue to celebrate for the All Soul’s Day. Although All Saints’ Day is celebrated in many countries around the globe it is not considered a public holiday in most countries especially here in the Philippines.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Kari sa Bacolod Bring Home your MassKara!

Coming to Bacolod is something that many would like to visit again.  


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Day to Behold

Teachers were given due recognition today. Many schools celebrated together to commemorate all the teachers around the globe. Schools would like to give honor to all the teachers who suffered and gave their time, effort and even resources in order that the students will be given awards and honors they deserve. Indeed, this day is really for all the teachers. Happy Teacher's Day to everyone who spent their all for the good of their students.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Board Exam Takers

Board is now on going here in our country. Students were given a chance to finish what they had started. Likewise, my dear sweetie is having his board exam today in one of the universities in Bacolod City. It's been his desire to pass the board exam and it's his first time. For so long, he has been connected to army training and he desired to be a full-fledged teacher. Just keep up the good work my dear and you can make it to the top. God be with you always.

He has been to so many engagements here and there. Now it's his time for him to pursue what he had started. Thank God for the gift of life, wisdom and knowledge. We honor the Lord for him. His kids are already grown ups and are also learning their own way.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our Son Turned 21


  When I gave birth to our baby 21 years ago, it was during the time of the national election. After 21 years, another national election came we celebrated Em-em's birthday. What a privilege to have children blessed by God amidst the struggles and dazzles of life. There were ups and downs while rearing a son but it's still an opportunity to be a blessing to our kid who is now a grown up man. Starting to explore and expand his horizon. It's always our desire that he will grow in the knowledge of the Lord and will always follow God's will for his life.

May the Lord continue to guide, take care, and lead our son to the right path and that he will choose to obey God always. God is always good and faithful to us and the Lord will continue to guide and bless our children from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation. Thank you Lord for being there all the time. Thank you Lord for a life full of surprises and blessings!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our Sister in a Cruise Ship

Our youngest sister is back to work just a week ago. She stayed with us for more than two months and we had fun and fellowship together as a family since it's our first time to be together again after long years. She had been working in a cruise ship for more than a decade already and she had blessed us in so many ways. She was called a "golden girl" in the cruise ship she's working because of her charisma and easy to befriend with. She could easily find and make friends anywhere in the world. People could easily attracted to her because of her loving and caring attitude. She could easily adjust to surroundings. She started to work in Caribbean Cruise ship and presently working in a biggest and newest cruise ship. She was blessed with so many friends anywhere in the world. We thanked God for her life and ministry and she was a blessing to many especially to those in need.


Monday, February 15, 2016

The Beauty of Life - Multiple Intelligences (Assessment of Learning)

The picture speaks about an individual with multiple intelligences. This was introduced by Howard Gardner, Ph.D., a Professor of Education at Harvard University and had an early work in psychology and later in human cognition and potential. Just looking at the picture you will learn and see the beauty of life. I guess, you will agree with this model. Any individual can do a lot of things but not all can do all of these things. However, I definitely agree that one is always different from each other since every one is unique. We do learn in many ways, we learn from each other and we even learn from our mistakes; and the experiences we have had in the past contributed a lot to help us become a better person and useful for the society where we live in. If we only use our talents and skills wisely, our potentials and multiple intelligences we have had; then I believe, the world is a better place to live in.

 Try to agree or disagree to the statement, then write your comments in three sentences below.


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