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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our Son Turned 21


  When I gave birth to our baby 21 years ago, it was during the time of the national election. After 21 years, another national election came we celebrated Em-em's birthday. What a privilege to have children blessed by God amidst the struggles and dazzles of life. There were ups and downs while rearing a son but it's still an opportunity to be a blessing to our kid who is now a grown up man. Starting to explore and expand his horizon. It's always our desire that he will grow in the knowledge of the Lord and will always follow God's will for his life.

May the Lord continue to guide, take care, and lead our son to the right path and that he will choose to obey God always. God is always good and faithful to us and the Lord will continue to guide and bless our children from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation. Thank you Lord for being there all the time. Thank you Lord for a life full of surprises and blessings!


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our Sister in a Cruise Ship

Our youngest sister is back to work just a week ago. She stayed with us for more than two months and we had fun and fellowship together as a family since it's our first time to be together again after long years. She had been working in a cruise ship for more than a decade already and she had blessed us in so many ways. She was called a "golden girl" in the cruise ship she's working because of her charisma and easy to befriend with. She could easily find and make friends anywhere in the world. People could easily attracted to her because of her loving and caring attitude. She could easily adjust to surroundings. She started to work in Caribbean Cruise ship and presently working in a biggest and newest cruise ship. She was blessed with so many friends anywhere in the world. We thanked God for her life and ministry and she was a blessing to many especially to those in need.


Monday, February 15, 2016

The Beauty of Life - Multiple Intelligences (Assessment of Learning)

The picture speaks about an individual with multiple intelligences. This was introduced by Howard Gardner, Ph.D., a Professor of Education at Harvard University and had an early work in psychology and later in human cognition and potential. Just looking at the picture you will learn and see the beauty of life. I guess, you will agree with this model. Any individual can do a lot of things but not all can do all of these things. However, I definitely agree that one is always different from each other since every one is unique. We do learn in many ways, we learn from each other and we even learn from our mistakes; and the experiences we have had in the past contributed a lot to help us become a better person and useful for the society where we live in. If we only use our talents and skills wisely, our potentials and multiple intelligences we have had; then I believe, the world is a better place to live in.

 Try to agree or disagree to the statement, then write your comments in three sentences below.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pilipinas Got Talent Season 5

When I first saw this couple in youtube dancing and showing their talent I was amazed of their dancing style and technique. It's something that we need to be proud of as Filipinos. We can compete to the world and give our best shot. Try to stay for a while, sit back and relax and watch the show. You will enjoy looking at them.


Trying to Learn CSS

Computers nowadays are rampant and can give you a lot of enjoyment and recreation as well. Somehow, having this kind of gadget would make a person feel better of his life if he is using it for a purpose and controlling it if necessary. Nevertheless, allowing computers to control us would be an option for everyone. Computers can be used for a better purpose but it can also destroy your whole life if we are not careful. The video below shows another way to use properly any computer at home. I was enjoying when I first learned it the other day and all the participants in the said seminar workshop had a chance to use their personal computer and explore. This video has been helpful to us who attended.


Learning C#


Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Legacy to Linger

My Tatay passed away last Tuesday. He was bedridden for more than 3 years but the Lord was so gracious to him. His desire to live long was granted by the Lord. He gave us a very good legacy for all of us to remember. A legacy that will last a lifetime. Tatay loved the Lord so much that he wanted all the member of his family to experience God's love and care. We thanked God for Tatay. We will be missing him indeed, but his legacy will always be remembered and put into heart. A legacy that our children's children will continue to live by.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Quick and Witty

AJ Papa Papa6

AJ had grown fast, becoming very alert and quick witted.   He also had some few  tricks under his sleeves.   More often, he is very outspoken and full of humor.  The only concern  we have as parents is that, he's way,  too comfortable to say whatever comes to his mind in front of the people,  whether good or something not pleasing to the ears. Somehow, I remind him,  but often times he would easily forget and will just say... I'm sorry! And he's fast in saying those magic words and at times, he's not mindful of the hurt he may give.

He is also becoming very daring and will take risks to experience or try anything new that takes his fancy.  He would rather associate himself with those older than him, than with his age group.  In fact, we observe that he can discuss animatedly and would even make them laugh with some of his crazy antics.  He would try things such as riding outside or on top of the jeepney rather than inside.  He would dive and swim on a six(6) feet deep pool, though he is not that a strong swimmer yet.  Be the first to try zip-lining when those older than him cowers with some inhibitions and fears.

I guess, he really is a daring boy, and really enjoying it.  It gives him an edge over his friends, knowing that he can face his fears without flinching. My little dare devil still have a long way to go...just now, i heard them planning to try wall climbing and rappelling.  Perhaps, that will be another great story that i can share.


Friday, November 15, 2013

God 's Love

I want to share this video from a friend. It talks about the love of God to mankind in sending His son Jesus to the world. The child shared something, try to check this out. It's amazing that even kids are being used by the Lord to let the whole world know of God's love. Don't miss it. Try to check here or click this link and be blessed.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Glimpse of our Love Story

Hubby and I are fond of writing. When we're in college, we met and we share our thoughts while writing anything under the sun. We enjoyed those moments together. Then we became friends, slowly but surely, we became close friends and we discovered that we have many things in common, likes and dislikes and even desires and longings as well as dreams in life. Somehow, we learned to share and love each other more as we share our lives together.

Days and years passed and we learned more and we're hooked and found ourselves falling in love with each other. Before we became friends he saw me singing in one of our concerts and he was mesmerized as if there were only 2 persons inside the place, me and him, as what he told our friends. Then our sharing just come into place and we enjoy being together as friends. Until one day, he can't keep his feelings and wrote a love letter. We're still friends but I just ignore him. We're still writing and sharing anything under the sun.

Then one day, after years of waiting, I wrote a love letter telling him of my feelings and early morning, the next day, he came with hot bread (the most favorite pandesal) with milo and we shared together with some friends because I slept in the church where our friends stayed for the night preparing for another concert. We enjoyed and had some fun and fellowship.


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