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This is my first time to join this meme. I have seen it many times and quite excited to join but I also failed many times to post. Today, I have mixed emotions and to feel at ease I decided to write and join here. Mixed emotions in the sense that our most awaited baby is gone, I had miscarriage, you can check it in my other posts below. So I wanted to be at peace this time and think of how I madly in love with the one I love aside from my Heavenly Father who loves me and cares for me.

I fall in love to my only beloved and since then I continue to fall in love each day as we travel through life’s journey. Loving my sweetheart is not hard. A lot of times, ladies easily attracted to his sweet ways. I’m blessed with my sweetheart. Here are some of the things why I fall in love with him each day…

I Love him because he really cares…. if I’m sick or not well, he does the household chores like cleaning, cooking, washing the clothes and a lot more.

I love him of his sweet ways of being a childlike in front of me, his caring attitude and the like.

I love him of being so friendly to anyone, he could easily make friends to anybody around the world, and that’s my hubby.

I love the way he takes care of our children and the way he showed his love.

I love his touch, when I’m sick, he usually massage my back, head…

My sweetheart is so wonderful, I remember the time when he wrote a letter telling me that he’s so thankful to having me in his life, and has nothing more to ask for … wow! I’m blessed to have my sweetie.

I have so many things to share, next time perhaps. Thanks for this meme Rodeliz, I enjoyed. Great and lovely posts about couples with Rodliz Nest. Come and join and have fun sharing your life’s experience.

5 thoughts on “Couple’s Corner – How Do I Love Thee”

  1. Hi there sis!

    Kaya pala sabi ko di ako familiar sa site.. it's my first time in here and thanks for sharing your reasons why you love your hubby.. and I am sorry about your miscarriage..

    Hope to see you again next week.. Happy love month to you and your sweetheart..

  2. Sarah, first of all..I want to say sorry about the baby. I don't have any word of wisdom to give you, but..there's a reason why it happened.

    second, thanks for joining our CC Meme, I hope that you can join us every week. Sometimes, it;s nice to read other love stories, we get to know other couples and some newly weds can learn from pros.

    I can feel how much LOVE is in between you and your hubby. and you are right that you are blessed to have him as your husband, same as all the members of CC. Keep the relationship strong and have a great day to you both.

    Mommy Liz a.k.a RodLiz

  3. Sorry aboout the baby, like mommy liz' have said things happens for a reason, you may still be at the dark right now but soon you will find out why.

    You are lucky to have a husband like he is… i think we are all lucky coz we have such amazing husbands not because they are who we want them to be but because they are who they are.

    See you next week and take care

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