Non-visualized Ovary

Yesterday I went to the doctor, an OB-GYNE for my ultrasound. There was no schedule last Monday so I went back yesterday. I was a bit upset because the person in charge was a male doctor.But I felt good when he had a young lady assistant who was in charge of the inserting,… (they call it Trans Vaginal Ultrasound) then the doctor who will read the ultrasound was in the other room, I smiled when he asked his assistant, “everything’s ready?” Then he went out and did the reading…

It took time for him to look for my right ovary, the left ovary had a myoma, but it was smaller. Last time it had 7.8 cm, but this time it has only 5cm. According to the doctor, it became bigger last time due to my pregnancy. But the amazing thing was, he could not find my right ovary. He did the 2 kinds of ultrasound but the ovary on the right side was not found. So I hurriedly went to my OB to show her the result but she was not around because she did an operation. I will be back this afternoon for hopefully the final action.

Thanks to all of you, for all your prayers and petitions. Hope my right ovary is still there hanging or hiding somewhere, lol! See you next time.

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