It’s Annoying and Expensive

I went out today after staying in the house for more than a week. I got sick and fell down last time. Now I realize I’m getting old and hope to be wise!!!

I had been working on my S.O. because I need to work and look for another job in order for us to survive here in the Phil. Hubby is helping in the church but I told them I need to look for a job since our kids are going to school everyday and we need extra income to augment the needs.

I went to the university and applied for the release of my S.O. for my graduate studies diploma and transcript of records. The funny thing was, they wanted me to go back to my hometown where I was born and ask for a certified true copy of my birth certificate and joint affidavits of my parents and 2 neighbors preferably my godparents when I was still a baby with their signatures telling that the person who was born in San Jose, Sipalay is the same person who was born in Si-alay, Bulata, Cauayan. I spent a lot already, by just asking a lawyer to make that kind of letter to be signed by the persons concerned would mean an amount to be paid.

I find it hard at first because a lawyer needs to know me and how she can make that kind of letter. The other funny thing is that, I finished my Bachelor’s Degree more than 20 years ago but they discovered it only the last 2 weeks. This is the scenario: My birth certificate was okay as well my NSO, I told them that I even had passport and had been working abroad. The problem was in the transcript of records of my university. They follow the birth place that was given by my high school records. They did not follow the birth place that was written in my certificate of live birth. So before applying for a job, I need to work on it because I don’t want to teach in High School but in colleges or universities. That’s the only proof I have in order to apply- my Master’s Degree.

I actually went home and looked for the requirements. However, I got sick after few days and stayed at home for more than a week. Just this morning that I asked the help of hubby to accompany me to the university. At last, I can get it but wait…. I still need to go to Iloilo and see the CHED- officer to approve my changed of birth place to be carried for my S.O. I can’t go tomorrow because I was already chosen to be one of the judges for the Linggo ng Wika tomorrow at Trinity Christian School. So I will be going next week. You see, I need to have an extra income just to survive here. Hope everything will be okay. I will let you know the updates next time…I must go now and see the secretary.

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