Thailand Updates

Talking to a new found friend working in Thailand is indeed an enjoyable and exciting experience. I had been to Thailand a decade ago and I feel I’m back for a day thinking of the experience I had.

I will be meeting with Ms Beth soon but students who desired must have a passport in order to travel. If you desire to go to Thailand first thing first, a passport, must be the priority. She will be 12 teachers as soon as possible.

Opportunities Seldom Knocks

Many opportunities are knocking on your door but you need to check whether it’s legit or not. I will be meeting a friend for this purpose next week. I’m excited to share with some students, friends, colleagues, and those who are interested. Thailand opportunities are knocking, who will be qualified?

My experience in Thailand was different but it helped me to be me and to be a better person with a big heart for others and for the Lord. It’s a different journey but gave me a lot of opportunities to mingle with people of different races and travel to places I’ve never been. Taste different delicacies and see beautiful tourist spots, and thank God for His creation. A great experience indeed!

Thailand Opportunities…

A friend of mine sent a message just this evening that schools in Thailand were looking for teachers who are qualified and willing to go beyond the borders. After hearing it, I immediately posted, lo and behold… a lot of my students flocked in and asked for more details. I’m glad to be back to where I had been a decade ago.

I’m excited for them. This is seldom but when you have the desire, you will really find ways and explore a greener pasture and a better tomorrow. Somehow, this experience will not be compared and the experiences you have had in the past will continue to linger and become a part of your life. It will never be compared to something and you will treasure every bit of it amidst the struggles it may bring as you journey to the next chapter of your life.

I encourage you to post here and write your complete name with your course and major. We will find ways!

I can keep track here than on my Facebook page. See you!

A Day to Remember

Last weekend was my special day and my friends had a little surprise after my travel with my best friend. She brought me to Nena’s place where my kiddos and some friends were already eating. They dine with the special chicken INASAL in Bacolod. A place where people enjoy the food prepared.

It was a day to celebrate, a day to remember, a day to be thankful to the Lord for all the things that HE has done for me and my family. We were surprised and enjoyed the rest of the night after dinner. It was indeed a beautiful and heart warming experience of being together with the family and friends.

I See Grace

One of the songs we sang today is this song… I See Grace! We always cast our cares on Jesus. He is our hope, the tower of strength, our faith is only found in Him! He was wounded for our transgressions. Grace is sealed by Jesus sacrifice on the cross. What a promise! We were set free when grace abounds!

Because of the blood of Jesus we were set free! It’s God’s great love that we are not consumed. We must be grateful for the grace!

The Relaxation

Relaxation is a must. We need to be refreshed, to be away for a while and be regenerated. It’s one way to be thankful and see the beauty of life and His creation.

Going out from the routine – daily activities is something to be treasured and be given importance. A way to look at ourselves, our environment and other people living nearby. And giving value to who we are and others as well.

Right Choices

Life has choices but we need to choose wisely. Somehow, a new beginning is there to prove that when we have the right choices we conquer our fear and learn to hope and we will be led to the right path. It’s not an easy road, I suppose. But when we learn to trust, we will not be afraid.

Many of my friends fail and I do but we move forward for a better tomorrow.