Malunggay- the Miracle Plant – # 1

Malunggay is a leafy green vegetable that we love to eat in the Phil. It tastes good for me, but tastes bitter to others. It’s a kind of vegetable that has a lot of nutrients and recently it was discovered that it can heal a lot of diseases.
When we first came to Thailand, we missed that kind of vegetable because it’s not common to them nor can be found anywhere.
Few years ago, my friend came to Thailand and attended a seminar, and she told me that they specifically had a seminar on a Miracle Plant – she didn’t know the plant at first because it was known for its scientific name. And when she saw the picture, she was shocked when it was our malunggay in the Phil. Just imagine coming to another country just to attend a seminar on the leafy vegetable that we commonly ate in the Phil. She laughed when she shared it to me.
Similarly, we could hardly find this kind of plant in Thailand unless Filipinos brought it here for their family consumption. People living in the mountains loved this kind of green leafy vegetable (malunggay) in our place and no question about it because they are healthy and strong. I presume people in the Phil. had one or more malunggay trees planted around their house. Every one has one for family consumption and others sold it if there were a lot of malunggay planted with many leaves.

I will make a post again after I do the google search.

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