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Sunday, February 26, 2012

His Valentine's Gift

His Valentines Gift When my husband and I were married he picked a simple gold wedding band, and over the years it has taken a beating. Between his job and all the little projects he takes on, his wedding bands have taken quite the beating. It has been scratched, dented, scuffed, even melted down a little in one spot. For Valentine’s Day I decided to get him a new wedding band. I did a lot of research and found a type of ring that I had never heard of before. It wasn’t around when we were shopping for rings many years ago. They are Tungsten Wedding Bands and they are pretty amazing. The thing I like best is that they are so hard that they are scratch-proof! Apparently only diamonds can scratch them, and the jewelers will even take a metal file and go to town on the ring to show you in person. It will be great for him to have a wedding band that will be able to withstand all that he manages to put his hands through. If anyone is looking for wedding bands, I would suggest taking a look at these, we have been really impressed with our purchase.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creating My Own Website

I remember the first time I started blogging I had a hard time. It was not easy as what I thought and I spent ample time to start working on it. With the fact that I don't have enough time to check and soar the online advices. After few months I was able to keep going and was so excited on building my own site. The learning I've got on how to build a website had helped me a lot in many ways. I gained friends, I learned a lot, enjoyed writing anything under the sun and started to join many online opportunities. I was able to meet different kinds of people in all walks of life and learned their culture and way of life through visiting their own sites. what a blessing.

In obtaining my own domain I tried checking GoDaddy,and some friends who had been offering web-hosting services. It takes time but it pays the waiting and the patience. Now I'm reaping what I'd sown. Sounds interesting? You might as well enjoy when you do.


Our Teenager

Our teenager went home early this day because he was not feeling well. It's always his problem to have sore throat. Praying that he will be healed soon. He will have an exam tomorrow and it's good that it happened today according to him. Hubby will be out tomorrow to attend the 1st Mission Conference in Manila and he will be back on Sunday with our pastor. I just hope and pray that everything will be under God's protection and care.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Enjoy Traveling

As what I have shared last time my sister had been working abroad several times. When she comes, she would share her experiences and her struggles especially when she travels alone and didn't know what to do. During her stay with us for few months she would tell us about her desire to bring us to the places she liked most. There were vacation rentals in Chicago and other places and she had enjoyed her stay when she travels. Most of the time, she would stay in the quiet place and take time just to relax and feel the beauty of the place. Hope we will have that opportunity to travel like her.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What a Happy Day myspace graphic comments
I had a dinner date with hubby. It's good that our kids are already growing and so they were excited to see us going out today especially our son AJ. So went out and we enjoyed the day together.

I can't stay long since it's already late in the evening. I still have a class tomorrow. So, bye for now and hope to see you again. I will be back tomorrow and show you some pictures of the place we went.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm Here Again

I'm glad to be back in my blogging career. At last I have time to write here just for awhile. It's our Midterm Exam and I have few hours just to relax. My blogs that were hacked for few weeks now it came back with the help of Mommy Mylene. You can visit her blog at Online Mommy's Corner. She did her best to help me recover my blogs. Thanks to Mylene, I thought I could not get it back anymore. It seems lost without any cause. Anyway, I need to do something to retain it and upgrade it as well.

Hackers are everywhere. Therefore, we need to keep it and save it for future use. What I mean is that we need to do something to save our files. I will be looking for a way to save it in order to rescue my blogs if it will happen again.


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