Yummy Sunday

This is Tom Yam, a delicious Thai food.
It is known all throughout Thailand.
I can also cook this kind of food.
My family loves eating Tom Yam
except for my 6-year old, he will cry if he
tastes any spicy food.

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9 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday”

  1. Hi sis, thanks sa visit sarap ng sunday natin dito ahh, good for taglamig ang ulam mo.

    Wag mo na dagdagan sis okay lng yun hehehe no probs.

    Ganito lng yun, kapag na click mo yung EC ko hindi ang drop, yung E sa side ng entrecards. Tapos kapag andun ka na sa ec dashboard ko http://entrecard.com/details/128479
    nasa right side nakalagay yung "send message" "add favorites" send credits and more. Just click the send credits, then my box to where to put the credits you want to send, thats it.

  2. dear hubby loves tomyum phla and kai. i still prefer our very own sinigang but i do love other thai dishes such as namtok nuea, somtam, etc.
    btw, it looks like you're in thailand. js curious how many bloggers are in here and it's fun to know each other.

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