Women’s Beauty Secret

When I was in the Phil. last year my sister and I went to a hair specialist and beauty salon. My sister treated me so I didn’t worry about the expenses. We enjoyed the hair massage, relaxing the hair, foot massage and the like. Oh how I love those days, it’s a nice feeling when you are treated well like a princess, right? You will just sit down and relax and often times I slept, lol! We went there a lot of times just to relax and the beautician treated us from head to foot.

One day, my sister showed us her new Hair extensions, it was her desire ever since to have a beautiful hair. The hair experts are really good according to my sister, you are in good hands and you wanted to go back again and again. She bought it when she was still working abroad. We were all amazed at her new look, she really looked differently with her Hair extensions, then she brought me again to the beauty salon and treated me again for hair straightening. I was really treated well and I had a good time spending my vacation there with my family. How about you? Do you love your hair to be treated well? I guess so, it’s our beauty secret.


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