We Bid Goodbye

We bid goodbye to our borrowed car today. The owner who is our close friend just came this morning with his friends and got the car. Huh huh huh! Felt sad a bit but excited of what God is going to do to provide for another one. Sometimes it happens, people or things just come and go but the Lord will just keep us alive and keep going – HE had been blessing us so much in so many ways. And we always thank our God for that.
We understand, our friend also needs his car and we have to let go and let God ……..provide. For all times, God is good and faithful and He never leaves nor forsakes us. For so long, since we knew Him as our God He never fails. Even then when we were in our mother’s womb, He knows what will happen to us because He cares and loves mankind. He loves all of us whoever we are, and whatever we do. He knows what lies ahead, and He knows our future! That’s how amazing our God is! Sorry I’m emotional today! Hehe! He knows our saddest moments and He lifts us up because HE CARES!

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