Then Sings My Soul – Be Unto Me by Don Moen

This is one of the songs that we sung last Sunday during our worship experience. I’m glad to have it posted today. Today’s meme is one of my favorites because it speaks about who I am, my inclination in music and my participation in this field when I was still studying. It has a greater part in my life as a believer too. I grew in this field and lavishly doing something for the Lord.

Wherever I go as long as there is music, I immediately soaked myself into it. God has tremendously used music to bless others too. And I saw it while bringing music to the doorstep of every individual, group, church, or any organization few years back. People were touched with the use of our music ministry. It has blessed many and it is still continuing and will continue to bless people of all ages. I am blessed personally with the people who brought music to others and was touched by it and use music to serve HIM. It’s really a blessing to be blessed with great music for the Lord.

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6 thoughts on “Then Sings My Soul – Be Unto Me by Don Moen”

  1. Blessings Princess Sarah, I'd love to hear you sing! I love Don Moen & BE IT UNTO ME truly blesses me! Thank you for visiting me & I'm glad I came here to hear this & read your sweet words on the importance of music!

    I soak in music too! Enjoy a wonderful weekend in music with TSMSS
    and Our Lord!

    Dios te bendiga!God bless you!

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