The Unique Travel

Traveling is one of my sister’s desire even before when she was still young. Her dream came true few years ago – when she was given a chance to work in a luxury cruise ship. She was able to travel and see beautiful places around the world. She enjoyed her work, met other people from all walks of life and learned to love and enjoy the beautiful places and countries she had been. It was a memorable experience for her. We even enjoyed seeing all her photos shared to us while telling us the places she liked best.

“There are some wonderful and awesome places I wished to visit again,” she uttered. Just like France, Spain and Italy. But the best place for her, and ones that seems to attract many tourists as well were the unique and ancient buildings and facades in Italy, where many guests are coming most of the time, and visit the place again and again.

She also shared to us her travel experiences, the houses built on the mountains and her Italy rail journeys through Europe during the time that she had the opportunity to take a holiday from work. I can still remember the twinkle of her eyes when sharing about the beauty and scenic views she had to appreciate first hand. I for one, perusing over her photos and memoirs truly appreciate the beauty and exotic style of traveling by rail. How I wish, one day I will also have the opportunity to experience such. As of now, I’m just contented traveling by rail from Central Bangkok to South Thailand and likewise appreciating the countryside.

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  1. That was a great job your sister had on a luxury cruise ship as she was able to visit and appreciate so many countries like Italy. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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