The Season of the Year

Christmas is one of those holidays, I always look forward to. If you are perceptive enough, you will notice lots of wonderful things. This is the time of the year that people seems to be more friendly, more welcoming and considerate. People were thinking on how they can make other s happy. They are more concerned of others welfare rather than their own interest.

I am also amazed on the amount of food people were buying. The different decorations, lanterns, lights and Christmas trees displayed. Most of all, I loved seeing people lugging lots of boxes of gifts to be given freely to friends and loved ones. Truly this is a time of giving.

And speaking of giving, I am planning to surprised my husband by buying for him a Leather Backpacks I think this will be a perfect gift for him because he usually travel light. He is one person who doesn’t like taking so much stuff with him especially going out of the country. His motto, ”to travel right – go light flight,” which is also very convenient.

So by buying him this leather backpack – I guess, he will be very happy. I also find this backpack as classic and trendy at the same time. I am hoping that he will love it. Aside from giving him a backpack, I was also contemplating to give him another special gift that he would love, I guess, not only hubby but all the men out there, the Leather Briefcases that made them feel good especially when they travel. And since we also celebrated our wedding anniversary, two days before Christmas, I would give it all. And to add to it is the Leather Duffel Bags to be given to hubby and my nephew who also celebrated his 21st birthday, a day before New Year. Indeed, this season of the year was so memorable to us.

2 thoughts on “The Season of the Year”

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope everything is alright with you all. I pray for more health, wealth, happiness and more blessings from the Lord for you and your loved ones. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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