The Pandemic

Many years ago, a decade to be exact, we were in Thailand with my family. My youngest son was still 5years old at that time when a virus was heading some parts of the world. A known SARS, but it didn’t hit many unlike now, this COVID-19 that strikes the world allow the world to suffer. It’s not that easy, many suffered, and some experienced painful struggles because of the loss of loved ones. We cannot fight but be vigilant in everything we do and move. Just need to follow protocols and observe social distancing to avoid the spread. Although some were already vaccinated still we need to keep track and be careful. COVID strikes anywhere and everywhere. We need to protect ourselves.

Only this time that this virus strikes the world unexpectantly. We were not prepared, we were not sure what to do and education suffered, from Pre-school to University students. But then, what shall we do? What do we need to accomplish? Those are the questions that we’re still looking for answers to. Although, we were able to combat and fight we still look for a better tomorrow.

I believe, God in His Sovereignty, is able to protect, guide, bless and preserve our lives according to His plan and purpose. We just need to surrender and be blessed!

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