The Glimpse of our Love Story

Hubby and I are fond of writing. When we’re in college, we met and we share our thoughts while writing anything under the sun. We enjoyed those moments together. Then we became friends, slowly but surely, we became close friends and we discovered that we have many things in common, likes and dislikes and even desires and longings as well as dreams in life. Somehow, we learned to share and love each other more as we share our lives together.

Days and years passed and we learned more and we’re hooked and found ourselves falling in love with each other. Before we became friends he saw me singing in one of our concerts and he was mesmerized as if there were only 2 persons inside the place, me and him, as what he told our friends. Then our sharing just come into place and we enjoy being together as friends. Until one day, he can’t keep his feelings and wrote a love letter. We’re still friends but I just ignore him. We’re still writing and sharing anything under the sun.

Then one day, after years of waiting, I wrote a love letter telling him of my feelings and early morning, the next day, he came with hot bread (the most favorite pandesal) with milo and we shared together with some friends because I slept in the church where our friends stayed for the night preparing for another concert. We enjoyed and had some fun and fellowship.

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