Plans for Valentine’s Day?

Yes, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we could not deny the fact that lovers are eager to give something to their special someone to prove their love and commitment even just a time as this. More so for husband and wife. What could be the romantic place for them. How about my hubby? Is he going to bring me somewhere? Now, I’m writing beside him and letting him know my intention, lol! And he was grinning and thinking of something. I just hope he will be touched, lol!

On the other hand, our friends invited us for a dinner with some friends. We will be sharing food, and laughter and maybe a little of games to perk up our intimate time together. But then I still long to be with hubby alone in one romantic place, just like old times, when we used to go and spend time in a special place outside our home. It’s a wonderful experience, right?

I will be going back to the Phil. for the treatment of my myoma and I will be missing my hubby for quite sometime. Although my OB told me to go back home ASAP, but I insisted if I can spend time with hubby just for a couple of days. And I’m glad she agreed but not too late. I’m still excited to be with hubby on this special occasion. Yes, I agree with Mommy Liz, when you see often or together everyday, night and day, it seems that everyday is just normal and special days are being taken for granted.

Anyway, whether hubby will give me a flower or not he’s still my dear friend, lover, and my ever dear sweet hubby. Hope you can join here too with Rodliz’s Nest. Share your love life. It’s a joy to share and we are excited to read it.

8 thoughts on “Plans for Valentine’s Day?”

  1. First of all, I hope that things will go smoothly on your procedure in the Philippines.

    Buti nga dyan meron kayong mga friends na makiktia sa mga special occasions, dito kasi wala akong mga friends, but it's OK. Basta kasama ko si hubby ko at ang mga kids ko during that day, masaya na ako. Lagi naman kami lumalabas kahit hindi Valentine's Day di ba? The important thing is, we show our love for each other every change we get, and we show it with deeds.

    Thanks for joining this week.

  2. yap..the important is that you know the romance between the two of you, wether its shown by giving cards or flowers or even a hugs and know best:)


  3. Hi Ate.. You're so true, sometimes special days are taken for granted kasi lagi na nga magkasama, unlike nung mag bf pa.. well siguro its a phase.. pero I still demand na magcelebrate kahit monthsaries lol .. anyway, there are so many ways to celebrate vday, not necessarily in fancy resto.. ENjoy and celebrate love.

    goodluck sa inyong operation din.

    i posted mine mine is here

  4. hi sis! naku, eh buti nga napapaisip si hubby mo.. hehe.. samin naman, si hubby ko ang madaming plano.. naku, ewan kung ano ang matuloy sa dami ng gusto nyang gawin.. LOL.. ingatz sa paguwi ng pinas! =)

  5. Belated Happy Hearts Day!I hope you had a wonderful & sweet vday w/ your husband.I hope you have a safe trip back home & a safe operation.God Bless!hugs!

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