Pinoy Channel

I heard about Pinoy Channel when were in Thailand and now that I’m here in the Phil. this channel is known around the country. This tfcnow is the channel that connects. Filipinos are everywhere around the globe and they long to see pinoy channel wherever they are. So everyone is excited to see movies, videos, or even a teleserye about their country and the people. With the help of this channel, Filipinos around the world is united to see their most awaited movies. Thanks to this channel.

2 thoughts on “Pinoy Channel”

  1. hello te, musta na po? hope all is well…naulian naka sa imong surgery? naa pa diay ka sa pinas? abi nako ug nagbalik naka sa thailand….

    hope all is well..salamat sa dalaw!

  2. Whether its Pinoy channel (GMA) or Filipino channel (ABS-CBN). Filipinos everywhere want to see their favorite Pinoy programs on TV. Pinoys have the numbers around the world and we are already a force to reckon with. Someday the Lord will use these same Pinoys to propagate His gospel of love and salvation around the world. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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