Photoflashback Friday

Friday Photo Flashback

It’s our first time to travel abroad as a family in 2005 and first time too for us to visit the Malaysian Twin Tower, Kuala Lumpur. That was an amazing trip. An unforgettable experience Hubby was holding AJ, who was 2 years old then. Em2 was only 10 yrs old. Oh how time flies. Now my kiddos are quite big. We enjoyed that time.

You could see a lot of visitors coming. Foreigners from different countries came just to see this one of the tallest buildings in the world. So nice to be there on top on the 110th storey-building.

More Photoflashback Friday with Alicia. It’s fun to join.

8 thoughts on “Photoflashback Friday”

  1. Oh yes! twin tower, we were also there the first time we came to Malaysia during the wedding of Jesu and Love… Congratulations sa good news… take care.

  2. I love his grin, looks like so much fun. Wow that is a tall building. I think I would get nervous being up there, LOL. Fun Flashback!

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