Our Son Turned 21



When I gave birth to our baby 21 years ago, it was during the time of the national election. After 21 years, another national election came we celebrated Em-em’s birthday. What a privilege to have children blessed by God amidst the struggles and dazzles of life. There were ups and downs while rearing a son but it’s still an opportunity to be a blessing to our kid who is now a grown up man. Starting to explore and expand his horizon. It’s always our desire that he will grow in the knowledge of the Lord and will always follow God’s will for his life.

May the Lord continue to guide, take care, and lead our son to the right path and that he will choose to obey God always. God is always good and faithful to us and the Lord will continue to guide and bless our children from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation. Thank you Lord for being there all the time. Thank you Lord for a life full of surprises and blessings!


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