New Phase of Life

I was quite busy this month since I just started my teaching job with John B Lacson Colleges Foundation. It’s a school and will be turning to a university the next few years. It’s a school for those who wanted to work abroad like in cruise ship, seamen, and those who would like to work in customs. It’s a big school and I’m glad to be here though. The only I have is that I’m not in a permanent position, I need to stay for 3 years before I will be given a chance to earn more. Huh! Not like in a public school that I will be receiving salaries during summer time. Here, “no work no pay,” just like this day, it’s a holiday so I don’t have any salary for the day. Anyway, I’m glad I have the time to write today.

In the evening, I will be going to practice for a Mission Presentation at ACM. We did it last month on the 16th Anniversary but this time – one of the facilitators asked us to do it again in their church. SO this Sunday will be another presentation. We will sing M songs, a little of drama and a choir presentation with kids, and adults alike. It will be a good move for churches who are not involve in what God is working.

I don’t have enough time to write this month and if you have noticed I wrote only sometimes, maybe once or twice a month. So sorry for not visiting you all.

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