My Teenager

My teenager is already growing older and wiser. He just graduated from high school and had already went to La Salle University and checked his favored course to take up. When he was in kindergarten he used to say “I want to be a doctor”. But last year it was changed and was afraid to take up medicine because he was told by his classmates that he might not finish the course since it takes 10 years for him to finish it. And everything was changed because of that.

Nevertheless, we still keep on reminding him that whatever he wanted to take or study we will be supporting him. How I wish he could study in a better school and cheaper but its quite far from us since he needs to travel by boat before reaching that place and going back to our city.

Last week, he had already decided and visited La Salle University in order for him to get an entrance exam. He was able to do so but was in conflict with the camp that he will be attending, so we might ask the school to change his scheduled entrance exam in order for him to attend the camp in Cebu. ,br>

By the way, to become a marine biologist was his 1st choice but it’s not available in our city unless he will study at Silliman University. His second choice was to study all about computer.

Now time flies so fast, our baby is already a grown up lad and few years from now will be leading the church too. It is best for us to send him to camps or any studies learning about the Lord and become a responsible person someday. I guess, that is the desire of many especially the parents. We are glad to see them growing in the Lord and searching for HIS will in their lives.

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