My Desire if I Win…

“What will you do if you will win $100?” This is the question that I need to answer to qualify me for this contest that will end in the next few days hosted by Levy of Living Life to the Fullest.

One of my desires is to help our church since we are looking for a place. Next month we will be forced to be out of the building that we are renting as of this time for our church services. The owner who owns a lot already wanted for us to vacate since they will use it for business purposes and to have added millions to their company.

Actually, we had been renting that place for less than 2 decades already and because many wanted to buy the place for business – they are forcing us to move out because someone wanted to buy it for 5M. And we don’t have that enough resources to buy the property. So I was considering to give it to the church if given a chance. Of course, it’s not that enough but it can help.

We can’t also force the owner to give us another chance since it’s not ours and we don’t have any force to do so. Although we were there for many years already. That time, way back in 1995 I guess, we were renting that place and nobody wanted to buy it. But since they saw it productive as the place progresses, they forced us to move out, huhuhu! Anyway, maybe the Lord is leading us to another place or will be giving us another place to start our own and the best for our church.

I just hope that this will qualify me to participate in this contest. By the way I’m posting our church services here below:

The Summer Camp ….. We call it BOOT CAMP 2010

Inside the Church —-
“The Prayer”

During Father’s Day

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