Mommy Moments # 7 – Happy Mommy Moments

mommy moments

This is AJ, he’s 6 and loves to eat, play and a lot more…

He also loves to read books especially Bible stories and I have ample time with him because he can’t sleep without Mama.

He also loves to take a pose with anybody especially his family.

He loves to play ball games too.

This is my eldest. He’s turning 14 tomorrow. We could hardly take pictures with him now because he was saying he’s already a teenager and he feels old.

Myspace happy mothers’ day graphics

Myspace happy mothers’ day graphics

You can visit these sites like Funmunch and Aneem for more Mothers’ Day pictures.

Chris is the host of this Mommy Moments. I continually say thank you so much Chris for this meme. I’m glad that I’m a Mom like you.

Blessings to all and HAPPY HAPPY MMOTHERS’ DAY to all Moms!!!

9 thoughts on “Mommy Moments # 7 – Happy Mommy Moments”

  1. even if our kids grow up, i know in our eyes, they will forever be our baby, di ba? 🙂

    that is why i cherish all these times that my kids are still small and i take all sorts of pics too 😀

    happy mothers day 🙂

  2. visiting your mommy moments! he’s only 6? huwaw…parang ang laki nya for a 6-year old.

    hope you can visit my entry too. happy mom’s day! cheers! =)

  3. Halaka ate! ulitawo na mn kau tanawon si Em em!! He has really grown so fast.. and we can’t help it na gyd na teenager na cya.. paspas gyd kau ang panahun..which means I’m also getting older! LOL!!

    Please send our birthday greeting to Em te!

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