Mommy Moments # 14 – Pounty Face

mommy moments

How times flies, right? It’s Mommy Moments once again. I’m not blogging often this past weeks, I changed my daily routine but I’m still on with this meme, it’s fun and enjoyable, seeing all the kids with different Mommies around the globe.
I’m glad to be here once again, it’s a kind of Happy Moments for Mommies, huh! These are some of the pictures I’ve got. I don’t have any pouty face pictures of my teenager, sorry. He doesn’t want to be counted. Pouty faces are quite cute and interesting, am I right Mommies? How about us, when we’re still kids? Maybe we also have funny pouty faces. I guess, we all enjoy remembering or even reminishing our past. We all laugh and sigh!!! What an experience!
AJ had a lot of different funny faces and different experiences too. His elder brother had a different experience too, more in the Phil. setting with his friends and classmates before. Enjoy visiting Mommy Moments posts and be blessed!

8 thoughts on “Mommy Moments # 14 – Pounty Face”

  1. ha.ha.ha. enjoy gyud c AJ sa iyang funny faces. cute kaayo. by the way Sar na suspended lagi akong account sa donkeymails. hehehe

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