Mommy Moments # 11 – That’s my Dad

mommy moments

It’s nice to be here again – Mommy Moments is always an awaited moment for Moms like me. And it’s great because it speaks about Papa (Daddy). My sweetie loved to enjoy and be with the kids. Even other kids loved to be with him too. He can let them smile, laugh or even do something to make everyone enjoy his presence.

He also enjoys being with his own kids. He would let them laugh, have fun or even do some wrestling with them as what boys are usually doing – just for fun.
When the kids were still small, they loved to go out and eat together. They really have lots of fun. Although I will be behind them smiling, and looking at what they’re doing. I enjoy being with my family just behind the corner.

AJ was still 2 years old in this picture. A lot of times people won’t believe that my sweetie is the father, lol! Because AJ has the semblance of my grandparents. Anyhow, my sweetie loved to be with his kids anywhere especially if he has a time to spend. Visit more Mommy Moments posts, you will really enjoy.

19 thoughts on “Mommy Moments # 11 – That’s my Dad”

  1. nareceive ko na ako prize tood…gipost na nako tapos ang kami OK na by God's grace. I posted what happened to us today..Thanks for praying for us.

  2. i love the humor part about your kids' father. that is one great blessing to have in life. a nice week to you and yur family. see you around other memes we are both in. got your TSMSS yet? 🙂 mine's not yet up. will work on it after cleaning up a bit round here. Happy Father's Day to your sweetie.

  3. happy fathers day to kuya jun..bitaw he makes everyone laugh gyud.Im sure his kids would treasure the pakingkoy2 nya…regards to em2

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