Mommy Moments # 10- Time Out with Friends

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Mommy Moments once again. Glad to be back. Last week I wasn’t able to join because I don’t have pictures, hehehe! Right after the post last week, the next day, my son decided to have hair cut so I told my sweetie to take some pictures. Anyway, I’m excited to be back and when I checked the theme for this week, I was glad that I have a lot to share, huh! At least, I can join again. Before I knew the theme, I thought, if I don’t have pictures, then I will still join and place some pictures related to my kids. I’m enjoying this meme, so I look up into it every week.

Here’s AJ, having fun with other students during our English Camp.

AJ can manage anywhere, whether old or young –
at any age he can mingle and make friends so easily.
My teenager with his younger brother AJ, taking a bath in a beach
with their Indian – Malaysian friend.

We went to another place and taught English,
AJ was playing with some boys.

Another English Camp and AJ loves to join especially in singing.
He also loves to sing.

AJ with baby Hyzyd, as if watching and taking care of the baby.

AJ with another friends in the Phil.
He was riding on a horse.

AJ with his cousins in the Phil. We love to go
to the beach and play in the sand
and that’s what they did.
Maybe you will wonder why AJ has a lot of pictures. It’s because my teenager doesn’t like to join us in the picture taking. He just feel awkward when he did. And at times, he wanted to just be himself. I guess, teenagers are like that, huh!
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9 thoughts on “Mommy Moments # 10- Time Out with Friends”

  1. hi thks for dropping…mukhang enjoy n enjoy ang mga bata at matatanda sa outing nyo ah =)
    Yes francis kong is really a great speaker…prang ayaw ko ng matapos syang magsalita sobrang enjoy! =)

  2. oi ate kacute ni AJ with my baby…at first sabi ko parang c Hyzyd to then nabasa ko c Hyzyd talaga…he..he..yon ang pix sa last time na nagvisit kami sa inyo..when napod kaha me kavisit…Ako ala pa busy…

  3. Baby nga talaga ni Mommy Gene ang kasama ni AJ mo–akala ko kahawig at kapangalan lang!Good to hear that Your AJ has a lot of friends there^_^

    Thanks for dropping by!!Have a nice day to you and ypour family!^_^

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