Hubby is on the Go!!!

Hubby is in the newspaper just recently. He did something for the school and the parents and relatives of the students gave him a name in the pedestal because of what he did for the benefit of the students under him. He trained them to become leaders and the school was glad to have him. He even did manage to calm the students and parents when there was a bomb threat in the school few months ago. I am proud to have hubby in our family. Thank you Lord for blessing hubby and making him to be the kind of person you wanted him to be. I LOVE YOU dear!

People thought that he is strict but I guess, he looks like that but his inward being is different. He has a big heart for the needy and can work with anybody even the unlovable. He can work with a team or can do anything by himself. Thank God for him and his life although the enemy would like to trample him down but the Lord is still doing something to protect him. God is a great God! Now, he is on his way, he will be finishing his Master’s Degree this year.

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