Christmas Season

In this Christmas season, many things happened. We cannot do otherwise since it’s something that is happening in the world. Many suffered due to typhoon Odette especially in the Southern part of Negros where I came from. It’s unbelievable but it happened anyway. There were three dams being constructed many years ago in order to hold back water in order to form a reservoir were burst. It was indeed a super typhoon that struck many cities and municipalities. No one could ever stop the flow of water and most of the locals suffered, lost their homes and families too.

My brother finds it hard to look for a generator since they have heard that electricity will be back after 2 months. And they will have some problems if that may happen. Amidst these trying moments of their lives, God is still good and faithful! God with us! Thank you, Lord, for protection, shield, and rampart.

A blessed Christmas to one and all!

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