Back to Normal

Our trip to Phuket was already included in our history as a family. We enjoyed visiting the place although we don’t have enough time to see the place part of it. We had a hectic schedule during the meeting so we’re not able to do more especially going to the beach and see some attractive places.

Anyway, we’re back to work again. It’s nice to be out of work in just a few days. Maybe most of you will agree, huh!

We went back last Sunday evening, then early morning we’re having our English Camp for kids. We enjoyed teaching with small kids – and we’re happy to have them. It’s fun!

My Birthday Trip to Phuket

Phuket is known for many tourists. It is a place where tourists around the globe came and visited the place. For them it’s a place of comfort and enjoyment. It is the same as Boracay in the Phil.

Last Thursday, we travelled to Phuket for a meeting. It was a long travel of more than 7 hours by bus. Yet we enjoyed because many of us came especially our Filipino friends.

During the night, a friend invited us to have a drink. Then they bought pieces of cake for me and my family. Before we ate, my 6-year old son prayed. We all smiled while listening to his prayer. Thank God for AJ, he really knows what to pray and always gave us a smile – he is sweet and loving.

That was a wonderful day for us as a family celebrating my birthday!

On a Trip

We are excited to go on a trip tomorrow until Sunday. We will be away for a couple of days and spent sometime in a place we haven’t been before. It’s quite exciting because we had heard this place from our students and told us of it’s beauty. So that’s why I’m excited!

Going to another place is quite amusing and a lot of times we’re amazed of God’s creation. I will be sharing of our experience when we’re back.

My Teenager

The past few weeks I had a lot of struggles regarding my son who is becoming a teenager. It seems that his attitude is becoming different day after day. I do believe, during this stage a father’s image and guidance are very necessary in their growing up stage. And I thank God for fathers who are really needed for the training of children and that includes my beloved sweetie.

I always remember our human father when we were still small children. He would always remind us of these verses in the Holy Book that says: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will depart from it. It is really true, if we fail to train our child, their future will not be as better as we expect. Another verse was: Children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. These verses were just taken for granted by some but has a greater meaning if we only obey…

I believe, parents now a days would really agree to the different personalities of our children. Every stage needs a deeper understanding of who they really are and how we react as parents to different situations or characteristics they are showing and many times they were trapped by these new generation’s images…they would easily linked if we are not careful as parents to guide them in the ways of the Lord.

However, there are a lot of sites like thomas nelson or other reading materials about growing kids but the best thing for me is to trust the Lord and PRAY earnestly for our kids. Only God can change them..

I Believe in Miracles

I had many stories about miracles, and I, for one had experienced it. When I was 28 years old I gave birth to our eldest son, Em-em, after few weeks, my brother-in-law saw a big lump at the back of my knees. And he immediately told me and my sister. I don’t know what to do at first, but when our mother saw it, everyone in my family was anxious.

The next week, they ask me to see the doctor for check up, I was apprehended at first because we don’t have that much to pay. I was just gave birth and it seems that everything we need to spend must be in our budget. And visiting a doctor was not included. But it’s good that we have a bluecross health insurance, it was helpful.

I used it, then my sweetie accompanied me and we found an old physician capable to check my lump. We came inside his clinic, I told him of the case and when he saw the lump, he immediately told me that I need to be operated. I was shocked and I told him if it’s okay for him we will go home first and do what we can to prepare for the operation, then he agreed. But deep in my mind, I was asking the Lord to do a miracle. The next day we went back to the doctor but I was not feeling well due to nausea and cough. Then he told me that I need to rest first because I was not physically fit, after a week, he said I will come back and he gave me some medications. I was so happy then.

The next week we (me and my sweetie,that’s how I call my hubby) attended a conference and there we experienced refreshing of our soul. And on the last day, I was pleading to the Lord and asking HIM again and again for healing.

Amazingly, I discovered that the lump was becoming smaller each day after the conference and gradually it was gone, and we did not go back to my doctor anymore. Maybe my doctor was wondering why I was lost and was found no more, was disappeared for a long time until now.

God can still do miracles even to this day. We just need to trust in His love and care! Hope you will ponder upon it and seek His help. Blessings to all of you.

Homeschool resumes

Last Monday, the homeschooling program of the kids resumed. Back to normal again for quite sometime because of so many activities last month. It seems that it was just yesterday and here comes another year.

The kids are not quite excited anymore of the homeschool because for them especially for my teenager, it’s boring. However, he needs to finish and do his homeschool for a better tomorrow.

My preschooler, AJ, loves to do it still as long as kuya is there with him. At least they have a little of fight because ‘boys are really boys’. AJ has a lot of questions but Em2 (my teenager) has few words unless I will ask him of his crush.

Homeschooling is something to remember but not quite interesting especially if there are only few kids learning together. Yet if you give more time to it you will learn a lot!