Your Greatest Need

Just awhile ago I was listening to an online sharing with Marilyn and Sarah Ministries. And was encouraged for her words that stated ” Sow your greatest seed for your greatest need”.

I was thinking of something to give that marks a huge step of faith amidst the hardship that I am experiencing at the moment I will still give with a heart. That I will still give with a mission that Jesus be glorified.

The BBI Graduation

I attended a graduation in one of the Bible Schools in the Southern part of Negros. It’s 3-4 hours away from the city. Many came to attest God’s blessing of love, faithfulness and grace! It’s indeed a celecbration of God’s unfailing love!

The Bible School was a testimony of God’s faithfulness all throughout the years! His strength and plans are perfect and He makes no mistakes!

God is the strength of my heart! And my portion forever!

A Blessing Amidst…

I am personally suffered within. I felt sad about so many things. And the only person who understands my frailtiness is my God, the God of wonders. He alone could fill the vacuum within.

After praying, my son came. I believe there is something he was longing for. I believe that only God can fill that longing within. Then came another message that my younger son is qualified to take an Exam for college. Indeed, there’s a blessing after crying out to God. He is always good and faithful!

God is Gracious

God is gracious enough to even change the hearts of murderers, robbers, and tyrants. Just like what He did to Paul, who eventually wrote 13 books in the New Testament.

If God can use a murderer and persecutor to build up His Kingdom how much more for an ordinary person like you and me.

God never fails! Trust in Him through rainbows or storms!

When you do not know what to do or even what’s going on, the answer to that uncertainty is Jesus Christ. He listens, so you must listen to Him as well.

Remember that God has a plan for you, remember God loves you unconditionally, remember to believe and follow Jesus Christ, and remember God gives peace that passes all understanding.

Happy Easter

Celebrating the Risen Lord is indeed a day to remember. My friends and I traveled from Boracay back to Bacolod but it’s good that I looked up to the Lord, prayed, and listened to our church’s Easter Sunday worship. My day is full although few discomforts were felt.

Jesus is risen and He is risen indeed! He is alive forevermore!

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Opportunities 2

Opportunities are everywhere but you need to take a risk if you want and if you are qualified especially outside your comfort zone.

Kindly post your name below for those who have passports and willing to take a risk. I can recommend you all but you need to take a risk, a move, and a desire to go. You will be the one to do it because they will be questions that you alone could answer.

Kindly write your name below if you have a passport.


Fo those who desired to go out with passport, an update will be shared soon. Please be guided, I am just helping anybody but you need to do it yourself. Opportunities are provided but it’s up to you. The choice is yours to grab.

Preparing documents and other things to consider must be of utmost importance before the next step. It’s not a joke, it’s a risk but taking the first step is something to put into heart. Is this what I want? Is this what I desire? These are some questions to consider. May you choose the best for your life and your future.