Enjoy Traveling

As what I have shared last time my sister had been working abroad several times. When she comes, she would share her experiences and her struggles especially when she travels alone and didn’t know what to do. During her stay with us for few months she would tell us about her desire to bring us to the places she liked most. There were vacation rentals in Chicago and other places and she had enjoyed her stay when she travels. Most of the time, she would stay in the quiet place and take time just to relax and feel the beauty of the place. Hope we will have that opportunity to travel like her.


What a Happy Day

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I had a dinner date with hubby. It’s good that our kids are already growing and so they were excited to see us going out today especially our son AJ. So went out and we enjoyed the day together.

I can’t stay long since it’s already late in the evening. I still have a class tomorrow. So, bye for now and hope to see you again. I will be back tomorrow and show you some pictures of the place we went.


PR – What is it?

PR??? What it is all about? When I started blogging last Dec. I didn’t know what PR is all about. I was checking at some of my friends’ blogs and I was still groping in the dark of what it means. Then gradually I learned it slowly and enjoyed writing my experiences and my life’s happenings. I was glad I learned a lot this time, of course with the help of some blogger friends. After few months I discovered that PR is known as page rank. PR is necessary when you earn to blog, because most of the on line companies wanted the bloggers to promote and write something about the paid sites but with a higher pagerank. It takes time for me to write and many times I was not writing anything, so my PR was always stagnant and very low.

A couple of days ago I was amazed when I saw my PR – wow it goes one step higher. I didn’t know why – but I was glad that at least it goes higher this time. But not sure if it will stay there or will go up or back to zero again, huhhuhu! What I knew now is it goes higher and it’s a nice feeling, though.

I find it hard to blog always, especially this time of the year. I was learning Thai with a friend, a teacher, a mother etc… etc… it’s not so easy, but I enjoy writing sometime if I’m not busy. A sort of release for me. So no matter what my PR is? I will still blog if I have the chance…


The Malunggay Adventure

Can you imagine this friend of mine doing all possible things just to get this miracle plant?
Last week when we were in Bangkok we saw some trees of malunggay – (this miracle plant I was sharing in my latest posts) near the church. We had asked permission to some of our friends there if we could get some leaves because we badly missed it, and they agreed.
So in the evening, after the service, my friend and I decided to come down and get some leaves for us to cook the next day. She was really decided to do all the possibilities just to get some.

Look, she was able to get some leaves and took some drumstick for us to plant. We really missed eating this kind of miracle plant. I remember, when we were still in the Phil., everytime we were sick or not feeling well, I will just buy or get some leaves of malunggay from our backyard and cook with fish and a soup. Then I will be okay the next few hours.

Similarly, in the mountains, my friends would tell me about it. That when they felt tired or not feeling well, they will just cook some malunggay leaves with other vegetables or with fish (if available) and ate it. Then a little while they will be okay. That’s the miracle plant – malunggay – the green leafy vegetable. Rich in protein, potassium, vitamin C, iron and a significant source of beta – carotene.

When this old lady saw us getting some leaves, she talked to us in Thai language and told us that she heard this kind of plant in the radio that could heal many diseases and she asked if we could share some leaves to cook and drumstick to plant. And we agreed, we shared to her some leaves and small sticks to plant. She was so happy that she has something to eat and to plant. And we’re all happy going home with something that we missed a lot!

By the way I was the one taking pictures so you could not see me here, hehe!