My Teenager

My teenager is already growing older and wiser. He just graduated from high school and had already went to La Salle University and checked his favored course to take up. When he was in kindergarten he used to say “I want to be a doctor”. But last year it was changed and was afraid to take up medicine because he was told by his classmates that he might not finish the course since it takes 10 years for him to finish it. And everything was changed because of that.

Nevertheless, we still keep on reminding him that whatever he wanted to take or study we will be supporting him. How I wish he could study in a better school and cheaper but its quite far from us since he needs to travel by boat before reaching that place and going back to our city.

Last week, he had already decided and visited La Salle University in order for him to get an entrance exam. He was able to do so but was in conflict with the camp that he will be attending, so we might ask the school to change his scheduled entrance exam in order for him to attend the camp in Cebu. ,br>

By the way, to become a marine biologist was his 1st choice but it’s not available in our city unless he will study at Silliman University. His second choice was to study all about computer.

Now time flies so fast, our baby is already a grown up lad and few years from now will be leading the church too. It is best for us to send him to camps or any studies learning about the Lord and become a responsible person someday. I guess, that is the desire of many especially the parents. We are glad to see them growing in the Lord and searching for HIS will in their lives.

My Birthday Bash

It was my birthday last Monday. Usually, during the time of my birthday, people are busy coming back and forth doing a lot of things since its a month of graduation and recognition to almost all schools, colleges and universities. And a lot of times people especially my friends forgot to greet me. I’m used to it that’s why I didn’t bother if they greet me or not as long as my hubby and kids remembered it.

I was surprised when I checked my facebook I saw a lot of greetings from the least to the known friends. I never expected that some of my friends long time ago, and even my students more than 10 years ago could greet me. Thanks you so much to all of you from the bottom of my heart. It was indeed a memorable day to me and my family because one of our friends gave me a dinner date with my family. We ate at Imay’s – one of the known restaurant in town.

It’s Worth the Waiting

My sister had been working abroad for many years already. She just comes back every now and then. Last year, when she came home she was looking for a company or even a bank in order for her to make loans. We went to different companies who offered the said services but sad to say that all the traditional title loans are quite expensive and I told her not to dare nor continue to apply. We found out, it was not easy to make loans these days.

We have also noticed that companies gave a lot of requirements for you to accomplish and it takes time, money, effort and the like just to finish everything and we found ourselves tired and felt discouraged in the end. However, my sister had a positive outlook and kept going and searching so I need to be with her in all her dealings and activities. That was the only time for our bonding moments. It was indeed worth the effort.

On the other hand, another friend working in a bank told us that there is one that caters and provides opportunities for those who eagerly desired for it. They offer car title loans and their services are good and acceptable. My sister did not think twice and she grabbed that opportunity and was able to avail one. It takes few weeks for her to apply and her desire was granted. My sister was so glad to see it worked fast and affordable.

There are times that we need to look for the best services that a company could offer and at times it pays the waiting moment. My sister got the best offer and was resolved to try all possibilities and wait for the right time to avail for any services. And its worth it.

PSCAS Activity

I went out last Friday with Customs students in one of the known places in our province. It is known as Buenos Aires. It is located at the peak of the mountain in the middle of Murcia and Bago City and something like cool and a quiet place. Somehow, a relaxing place, though the stores were quite expensive.

It was a PSCAS (Philippine Society of Customs Administration Students) activity and since one of the classes were my students, I was advised to join with them. There were 2 successive activities, one held in school and the other went out and had the so-called bonding moments. I will be sharing the pictures next time because I’m quite tired of all the things I did today. See you then…

His Valentine’s Gift

His Valentines Gift
When my husband and I were married he picked a simple gold wedding band, and over the years it has taken a beating. Between his job and all the little projects he takes on, his wedding bands have taken quite the beating. It has been scratched, dented, scuffed, even melted down a little in one spot. For Valentine’s Day I decided to get him a new wedding band. I did a lot of research and found a type of ring that I had never heard of before. It wasn’t around when we were shopping for rings many years ago. They are Tungsten Wedding Bands and they are pretty amazing. The thing I like best is that they are so hard that they are scratch-proof! Apparently only diamonds can scratch them, and the jewelers will even take a metal file and go to town on the ring to show you in person. It will be great for him to have a wedding band that will be able to withstand all that he manages to put his hands through. If anyone is looking for wedding bands, I would suggest taking a look at these, we have been really impressed with our purchase.

Creating My Own Website

I remember the first time I started blogging I had a hard time. It was not easy as what I thought and I spent ample time to start working on it. With the fact that I don’t have enough time to check and soar the online advices. After few months I was able to keep going and was so excited on building my own site. The learning I’ve got on how to build a website had helped me a lot in many ways. I gained friends, I learned a lot, enjoyed writing anything under the sun and started to join many online opportunities. I was able to meet different kinds of people in all walks of life and learned their culture and way of life through visiting their own sites. what a blessing.

In obtaining my own domain I tried checking GoDaddy,and some friends who had been offering web-hosting services. It takes time but it pays the waiting and the patience. Now I’m reaping what I’d sown. Sounds interesting? You might as well enjoy when you do.

Our Teenager

Our teenager went home early this day because he was not feeling well. It’s always his problem to have sore throat. Praying that he will be healed soon. He will have an exam tomorrow and it’s good that it happened today according to him. Hubby will be out tomorrow to attend the 1st Mission Conference in Manila and he will be back on Sunday with our pastor. I just hope and pray that everything will be under God’s protection and care.