Thankful Thursday # 8

Our Father has been faithful and true to all His promises. This week I am thankful of so many things. We just arrived from Bangkok and we travelled for 16 hrs by train. I still felt dizzy but I don’t want to miss this opportunity to thank God for His blessings. I’m thankful for:
1. HIS PROVISION – we stayed in Bangkok, Thailand for more than a week (it’s 9hrs by bus and
16hrs by train from our place.)
– He provided a place for us to stay
– I’m thankful that though we just met that friend in Bangkok recently but she allowed us to
stay in her house ( blessings be upon her)
– for God’s provision ( we never lack anything)
2. HIS PROTECTION – we were just new to Bangkok, it’s our 2nd time to go there
– I’m thankful for His protection as we go back and forth to the place
– we were lost for a while in going to the Phil. Embassy in Bangkok but we’re able to manage
and the Lord protected us and led us the way
3. HIS BLESSINGS & GUIDANCE – we attended a retreat and we’re refreshed
– I’m also thankful that we were able to renew our passport (as a family) in Bangkok
– for the blessings of friends that we met there
4. HIS LOVE to all mankind – His love endures forever!
I’m always thankful for this THANKFUL THURSDAY meme.
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