Thankful Thursday # 3

I am always thankful to my Faithful Saviour and Master. He has been there all the way for us as a family and my family back home. He has been our dwelling place and the source of everything. Thank you Lord for being there always.

I would like to share some of the things He has done this week.

1. For our visa extension – it’s first time for us to apply here in Hatyai – last Thursday I had already thank God for it. However, the immigration officer gave us hard times. Many papers were being asked especially for my family – they had asked all the papers to be translated to Thai. Within me, there was crying moments between me and the Lord. It’s not so easy to translate it within just a couple of days. And besides, nobody would like to accept it with a limited time to translate. However, God has His own way and He makes no mistakes! My thought was different from His! And that’s my God and thank Him for that!

We went back last Monday to the immigiration office and they approved although they saw some corrections in the translation. It’s good I had brought with me the original copy. But we still need to be back after our passport renewal this summer but everything was okay. Thank you for all the prayers!

2. For the renewed strength He has given us – we had our English Camp last week until this week and last Monday, the team went to another province to teach English in the afternoon after our English Camp in the morning. The same persons involved in this activity. Everybody were in a hurry but Praise God for protection and strength.

3. For this month is a month of birthdays in my family circle: my brother-in-law just celebrated his birthday yesterday, my cousin will celebrate her birthday on the 26th, the same with mine, my niece Dawna Gaylle who was miraculously healed by Leukemia last Oct. 2008 will also be celebrating her 14th birthday on the 24th.
You will be blessed indeed if you will read the whole story here.

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