Mommy Moments 12 – School Days

mommy moments

How time flies and Mommy Moments is here again. I don’t have enough pictures to share since most of my kids’ pictures were left in the Phil. and my kids were doing homeschool here. But I’m still excited to share some pictures that I’ve got here in Thailand.
Just a couple of weeks ago, we sent AJ to a Thai School just for him to enjoy his life being a kid and learn a bit in Thai language and gain more friends. He is a friendly type of person so it’s easy for him to mingle with others, whether young or old. Now, he has learned some Thai words and beginning to speak with us.
My teenager has a lot of pictures in the Phil. when he was still a kid but when he started to step on the teenager’s stage, he doesn’t want to be with us in the picture. He felt awkward. Now we learned to adjust in another phase of life for our kids. We’re growing older… lol!
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