My New Look

This new look was taken when all the private schools and centers here in Songkhla Province had Open House Promotion. All private schools and universities came to join this activity.
I came on the second day because I was free and I saw ladies doing beauty thing for all the ladies who were coming and visiting the area. They were doing some kind of promotions for their schools. After few hours viewing at them, one lady asked me if I wanted to beautify myself. I was encouraged and I told her I wanted a new look on my hair.
I asked her, Tawray? Which means “how much,” then she said, “mai pheng” which means “not expensive”. I was shocked when she said, it’s only 20 baht (it’s more or less .57$ US). It was so cheap and it’s worth it! Then I immediately came to the lady. After 15 minutes, this was the result.

But it only lasted for 1 day. Anyway, I had the clue of what do I look sometime later when I wanted to change my image.