My Pregnancy and the coming Baby

As I was told you in my latest post, I am pregnant every 7 years. I find it interesting though a bit nervous because of my age. But I’m still praying for the best. Being pregnant is not easy. It entails patience and perseverance to take care of the baby inside my womb and the desire to carry it through for 9 months.

I like this Baby and child site that talks about babies, pregnancy, getting pregnant and other topics about babies. It helps me to prepare for my coming baby and what to prepare, or even what to do. I already forgot some tips because as what I have said I’m only pregnant every 7 years. Now, my eldest son is already 14, turning 15 this coming May. It’s not a joke to face and take care another baby at this stage. So I need to check from time to time the different sites to help me feel at ease and prepared. The experience I have had before may not be the same today.

Baby and child care should be given importance. While I was checking this site, I find it interesting to see different tips to a pregnant woman like me. For those Mommies who are on the way, try this one and you will also enjoy checking like me.