Trainer for Oration

I was busy the past week. I trained my niece for an oration. Their school is one of the biggest schools in the city known as Bacolod City National High School. There were more or less 5000 students. She’s already in 4th year high school and she’s one of those who were chosen in the elimination round. There were 13 students to produce a quality speech, the way they speak, diction and pronunciation will be the basis.

The next week came, and there were 7 left. She’s still on the line. So we take time to practice until 4 students left and she’s still one of the 4. It was quite tough in the sense that the student who will be chosen will compete in the provincial level. I was also excited because I recalled my trainings when I was in college. I was excited as well although I had been training choirs and judging the best singer in the district few months and weeks ago.

But the sad thing was, when there were 4 left and she’s still there, she was called after her exam and she didn’t know what to do until she faced different teachers and asked her to speak in front of them. She was shocked after knowing that she was the only student who wasn’t able to speak again in front of the teachers concerned. The remaining 3 spoke and knew what to do. She felt bad about it because after reaching the room she gave her speech immediately without any preparation. She didn’t know exactly what to do when someone called her. Anyhow, I told her, don’t bother anymore, it was proven that she was one of the best who can compete to the higher level. You’ve done your best and the teachers had the difficulty in choosing the best since all of you did your best. She just sigh and said “Okay, thanks Tita,” life must go on as what I told her and I encourage her to keep learning and excel for the Lord.