Mommy Moments – New Year’s List

mommy moments

Mommy Moments every Friday is celebrating it’s 1st year anniversary. And I would like to congratulate Chris, the host for a job well done. It’s not just easy but she made it with all the moms around. Thanks Chris for allowing us to join Mommy Moments. It’s really a privilege as a mom to be counted here.

The theme for this week is New Year’s list since the aroma of New Year is still fresh. Sharing our new goals, events that happened and achievements of our kids and our family as well. Mommy Moments is still up and we can share some of our goals this year.

There is a blast in our new year. Unbelievable but it’s true. You can read the link if you want to know the details. Yes, there are changes in our family.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of my lists:

1. AJ is turning 7 on the 20th of this month- we are glad that we sent him to a Thai school because last Christmas we went to a Thai restaurant and we need to order but to write our order in Thai, a Malaysian friend who can read Thai looks for the food that we like, we have nothing to do because we can’t read anything. Then we were surprised that AJ was the one who wrote in Thai, we enjoyed seeing him writing our orders. We all enjoyed the food.

2. We have added member in our family, now I discovered, I’m pregnant every 7 years. What a blessing from the Lord, a perfect number.

3. Since we came to Thailand, we did homeschooling program for our eldest and last year AJ did the same. We took it there in Manila. The change is that, we will send Em2 (14) back to the Phil. because we just knew last Nov. that the school (ACE) was not recognized by the government there in the Phil. and he needs to get a PEPT exam to be accepted to other schools and to know what level he is qualified to. We’re a bit upset last time but the Lord assured us to trust in His care, because everything is under His control.

4. We also hope to travel for our kids to enjoy before Em2 be back to the Phil. Hope I can still travel or go anywhere.

5. Before the year ends, we will go back to the Phil. yehey! to visit our family, church and friends as well and be with Em2, our eldest son. It’s quite exciting.

Yes, I agree with Chris, there are many changes this year, as well as exciting and more blessings from the Most High. God is good and faithful.

You still have time, come and join now and share your changes with us too. A blessed day to everyone with Mommy Moments.