A Blast of the New Year

I don’t know how to share and what to say first about this blast of this new year. But anyway, this is the story before I go further.

My hubby and I were married, I was 26 yrs old then. I was a teacher in a private school during that time, then came our most awaited firstborn son when I was 28yrs old. I had a hard time giving birth and my whole body was changed during that time and because of that I was scared to have a baby again. Several years later, Em2 our eldest son was already 5 years old and hubby wanted to have another baby. He was crying several times when I told him, “no baby again” (hope ladies understand this). My monthly period is coming every month although we’re trying and trying and praying, mwahhh! When Em2 reached the age of 7, I became pregnant. It was a shocking moment for me, because I only knew it when I was there in Naga City, Phil. during Palarong Pambansa. During that time I was already teaching in a known public school in Bacolod City (Neg. Occ. High School-known as NOHS) and I was chosen to go with our athletes for the Palarong Pambansa. When I knew it through a preg. test, I hurriedly called my hubby and told him about the matter. He was shouting at the top of his voice on the mobile phone, mwahh! while talking to me. I was 35 during that time.

We were praying for a baby girl but when it’s time for our baby to see the world he is going to live in, I had the difficulty of giving birth again, that was the time that the Lord was changing my heart and preparing us for another journey following His will. Then my hubby promised the Lord that it would be okay if our baby is a boy as long as I will give birth normally. Indeed, the Lord answered the prayers of His children. Then AJ came out after 36 hours of labor with 2 induced labor. That was so painful, I could never forget those moments of my life. I was chilling with fever before he came out into the world. You can read the story here. I could never imagine how I survived but I always believe God is always in control and He makes no Mistakes.

I am writing a long story, hehe! Last Dec 23, we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. And we were enjoying our blessings from the Lord. Anyway, this is the blast of this new year, yesterday, I went to the doctor for check up and you know what? After 7 yrs again, AJ is turning 7 this 20th of Jan.(next week) and now I’m pregnant again. I don’t know what to do, although our kids and especially hubby was still hoping to have another baby girl??? Mwaahh! But the Lord is always reminding me that His plan is perfect and this baby is not an accident…that His will be done. There is a purpose, so I’m starting to rejoice and accept wholeheartedly, I’m now 42 and turning 43 this year. I believe that God has a plan for all mankind, but we were still given a choice to believe Him and follow His will or do our own way. Now, I’m getting excited though anxious at times because of my age. Anyhow, His will be done and I’m following. I was also reminded of the verse “Nothing is impossible with God”. When Mary was pregnant with the baby who will become our Saviour and Lord. And she was still a virgin after giving birth until the time that she was married to Joseph. That’s impossible, but nothing is hard for the Lord. So, what can you say? Pregnant every 7 years? Will you accept it? Something is happening to our family every 7 years, that’s a perfect number – it’s the Lord’s number!