Mommy Moments- Songs from a Mom’s Heart

mommy moments

I missed writing here at Mommy Moments and decided to write before I leave back to the Phil. next week. Time is so fast that I will be leaving my hubby behind and continue to work. This week’s theme is “Songs from a Mom’s Heart” and I’ve got some songs.

When my first son was born, (14 years ago) he cried a lot and when I sing songs for him, he gradually fall asleep. I usually sing “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan” which is my favorite song when I joined the singing group known as Glee Club in our university. From then on, I decided to compose a song for my son in our own dialect. Here’s the lyric in Ilonggo…

Sleep, sleep my baby Em-em ( my son’s nickname)
Sleep, sleep my baby Em-em

Sleep na ang baby ko

Sleep na ang baby ko

After 8 years, AJ was born and Still remember the song and the tune. So I sang again for AJ, I just change the name of Em-em to AJ. And still he loved it. I also sang “Sing a Rainbow”, here’s the lyrics…

Red, and yellow, and pink, and green
Purple, and orange, and blue

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow

Sing a rainbow too.

AJ loves this song too, and until now when I sing it, he would sing with me. I love those days. Now they’re grown ups and I still long to hug and kiss them like when they were still a baby. Mommy Moments is indeed the right place to share Mommy’s experiences, trials and triumphs. Wanna join?