Rustic Furniture

I love wooden equipments like furnitures. Ever since, I long to have this wooden things in my home even before I get married. And I have seen a lot of wooden things here in Thailand, so nice and it attracts me. Then I would tell my hubby, how I wish I could have it too.
Today, while I was surfing and looking for furnitures I’ve found this western Rustic Furniture at I like the designs, the designers are really creative. And besides, they are using different woods like cedar, walnut, hickory and other known and heavy woods. It will surely give nature and warm feeling to your home, and one more thing, it’s environment friendly because the woods came from the mother nature. If I have this, I thought, my home will be different.
Before seeing the picture, I thought rustic furnitures are not as heavy and strong as these because of the word “rustic” for me, it’s rusty and it will not last longer. But this one is something different. I enjoy seeing the different designs. It’s a quality furniture that was crafted and I think your children’s children can still use it.