Our Attire for Graduation

I was amazed last Saturday when our Dean of the School of Graduate Studies told us that we need to wear a Filipiniana attire during graduation day. It has been the attire of graduates few years ago. And was shocked when she said that we have only 2 tickets prepared for each graduate. So therefore, only hubby and my mom can attend our graduation. Wow, everything is different already after many years when I graduated from my Bachelor’s Degree here in the same school. Now, I can say, I’m growing older and wiser????

The photo above looks like that of my attire but mine is cream because all of us are oblige to wear cream Filipiniana. I had a hard time to look for it last week, it’s really good that I was able to meet my cousin who is living in Manila. They visited us here in Bacolod and we had a small reunion of family and friends because their mom passed away. I told her that I was looking for a Filipiniana gown and when she knew about it she gladly told me that – if I could not find any, I will just tell her so she can look for it in Manila since it cheaper there in Baclaran and other places. So I went to the university and ask for the photo of the attire for graduation. And yesterday, she was able to send it through LBC, it’s so fast and when my mom saw it she just took my vital statistics and repair other parts because it’s quite big for my size. Although my cousin said that I can send it back if I didn’t like the style but my mom insisted that it looks nice and she will just fix it.

I can buy another new attire when I will become a Ph.D., hmmm…sigh… just hoping… Anyway, everything is set and I’m glad for the help extended to me by my cousin. She’s an angel to me because when I checked of how much do I need to pay for just renting it, it costs much, more than the amount I sent through my cousin. I’ll show my shoes next time, though…