The 2nd Fruit of my Labor

I started blogging in Dec. of 2008 but I earned some pennies in the middle of the year. I continued blogging since I love to write anything under the sun and I learned to love meeting friends online. I really gained many friends through blogging and now I guess blogging became my career, whaaaahhh! for just this time. I was approved by payu before I left Thailand back to the Phil. sometime in March. Slowly, I have seen the blessings I earned through blogging. It really helps a lot especially in my studies for Master’s Degree as well as my kids expenses in the school.

The first fruit that I received while blogging was spent for our kids expenses especially the uniforms and many others. And hubby was here during that time so we were able to do and buy some things.

The 2nd fruit of my labor is the picture that you could see above. Yesterday, I was able to buy this brand new refrigerator. It was brought to our house at 7pm and everyone was so excited to use it. AJ smiled with his big mouth saying… WOOOOWWW grabe ba Mama, we have a new ref…

I’m so glad that Lalaine of Day to Day Miracles encouraged me to join and now I’m reaping the harvest. Thanks Lalaine for urging me to blog– hehe!